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    Bloody Coogan bigs up Man U and practically denies Albion exist on QT!

    He's a highly overrated performer, who cares what he thinks, his career is over so bye bye Manch Wank.
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    Our favourite Withdean whinger eats up more public money

    John Catt is living proof that euthanasia is justifiable. No doubt he wouldn't say a word if he was using his own money. The man has no shame.
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    Redknapp for England then...

    Whilst I'm not a fan of 'Arry we could do a lot worse.
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    Redknapp and the jury's out (merged) ** NOT GUILTY**

    HMRC strike again, would love to see the idiots who brought this action sacked with no pension.
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    Argentina takes Falklands row to UN

    Be interesting to see how 'special' our relationship with the US is this time around. If the react in the same way as they did in 1982 it's high time we told them to get out of Lakenheath and Mildenhall, if they want to have a land based aircraft carrier let them try their luck with their other...
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    Saints Sinking

    To be fair to Saints Millwall on a frozen Tuesdays evening are hardly very appealing. I would have thought Millwall are as surprised at the result as the rest of us. Saints clearly see promotion as their priority and who can blame them ?
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    Argentina takes Falklands row to UN

    The Argies are only interested in the Falklands as they think there's oil there. Frankly their country is in such a mess that they will do anything to try and take their people's minds off their own failings. Oh yes, I still haven't forgiven Maradona so the hell with them. I don't blame the...
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    well done Crawley!

    If I still lived in the area I would watch Crawley. The one thing about them is that they do need to update the stadium and try and get better crowds. Certainly getting The Amex opened hasn't helped them and I can't see them coping too well in League One with sub 4000 crowds. Clearly losing...
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    Millwall Beat Saints (FA CUP REPLAY)

    Bad result and frankly a piss poor attendance. Nigel needs to arrest this slide if he wants to hang on to the notion of going up.
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    Anyone ever seen a ghost?

    I used to live in a 500 year old house (the oldest house in Burgess Hill allegedly). My mother always insisted that there was a ghost but I never saw it. Having said that I don't refute the existence of ghosts completely because I'm of the opinion that we are too limited mentally to be able to...
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    Shit on the pitch at Selhurst?

    Seems that Palace are a bit late about dealing with foxes, Leicester beat them 2-1 in January.
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    :facepalm: Five pence in the pound remind you of anything ? :facepalm:
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    You survived by ripping off a lot of people including tax payers like me. Don't ever kid yourself that you deserved to be where you were, only Palace fans cannot see that their team robbed a lot of people. As I said before, had you lived within your means you would have been no better if not...
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    Thinking the unthinkable

    Get three points at Elland Road (bearing in mid Birmingham have knocked four past them last week) then maybe I'll think about it. This league is too unpredictable right now, ask West Ham about Ipswich.
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    Scouting Report for Leeds United

    I doubt that West Ham thought they'd have much trouble with Ipswich last Tuesday. As keeps being proved any team can beat any other them in this league, irrespective of position or current form.
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    Palace reveal new stadium design plan featuring the latest retracting roof technology

    Really ? That's odd, how many times did your team's owners lie to their creditors ? The problem with you is that as a Palace fan you are obviously confused about the difference between truth and falsehood.
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    Palace reveal new stadium design plan featuring the latest retracting roof technology

    That stadium design is the only way Palace will ever be flushed with success.
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    Palace reveal new stadium design plan featuring the latest retracting roof technology

    Clueless, must be a prime reason for following Palace.
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    Lower league Pompey

    Football League would try very hard not to put Pompey out of business because of the disruption it would cause. For example, what would they do to replace them ? Promote the top four League One teams ? That would make a mockery of the play offs. relegate only two Championship teams ? Can't see...
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    If you had paid your way as we did it's highly unlikely that you would have been any better off than we were. As it is you went into Administration twice and were lucky to survive. Try not to get the idea that you were better than us, just better at defrauding the general public.

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