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    post on this thread if you are thinking of something else today

    I have to go to work for epilepsy first aid training in an hour: hopefully that will take my mind off it for a couple of hours.
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    Best Loan Player We've Had At Brighton?

    He has definitely looked like he has really wanted to be here all season. No big time Charlie act from him.
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    Best Loan Player We've Had At Brighton?

    Best I have ever seen is Bridge although I won't know the older ones.
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    Watching Fridays game on Sky at home with friends/family

    Will be at my parents house watching with them
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    you let down your fans chant

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    Sky News Breaking

    I was working in Horsham one day when there was a controlled explosion on a brief case that had been abandoned in the shopping centre, turned out there wasn't a bomb just somebody feeling very silly I expect when he heard what had happened!
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    Times of play off games

    Good that makes more sense. Thought I must be going mad!
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    Times of play off games

    I thought I read some where that all the play off games were at 12:30 but now I can't find where I read that and it seems a odd for the thurs/fri/mon games so I'm guessing its not true, anyone know what time will they be? Thanks
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    New York

    Completely off topic question for everyone. My boyfriend and I are thinking about visiting New York next year, has anyone got any advice for decent places to stay without spending a fortune? We would probably be talking about next May to enable us to save our money up and then I will be able to...
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    Who would you be supporting if you had to support the nearest team to your birthplace?

    League team Crawley, non league Horsham or YMCA.
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    Let's talk about something other than Gus. You choose. Go on.

    This is a good topic, I like:flameboun:eek: I don't like :sick::facepalm:
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    Our stadium...

    Today was definitely a day when I appreciated the roof as well!
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    Agree with a lot of that but Incredibly talented manager though. Also largely used it because I'm not sure I can spell his surname!
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    He could be very good under sir Alex I think, in the first half he was clearly a threat and Calderon was struggling with him. In the second half he was like a different player with Bridge marking him. He also gets frustrated to easily and starts moaning at the ref/the opposition and even his...
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    My sister said who would have known it: Kaz can defend to!
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    The New Bedroom Tax

    There wasnt going to be any exemption for them but I know after a lot of protests it's has been back under discussion this week so hopefully there will be.
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    The New Bedroom Tax

    2 families I work for will be affected badly by this (unless they make families with disabled children exempt which I'm hopping they will). One has 3 children with autism, 2 of the same gender who would be expected to share a bedroom, asking 2 children with autism to share a bedroom is like...
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    If we can't selllout Palace at home...

    Or it might mean a lot more than this game we don't know yet
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    If we can't selllout Palace at home...

    I don't know about being no bigger than other games but I don't think it's the biggest game this season, if I had to choose between going to this or the last game of the season I would pick the latter.

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