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    [Help] Where have all the toilet rolls gone?

    Those Japanese toilets were in the UK news years ago, thought then it was just a gimmick. Didn’t know they were actually in use. So you can understand how Ii feel about UK bathroom hygiene. When I tell a Thai person how we clean ourselves after a No. 2 back home they can’t believe it. And...
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    [Help] Where have all the toilet rolls gone?

    In older houses and public toilets you don’t dry off. Just pull up your pants and believe me, with the temperature here they don’t stay damp for long. You don’t even notice it. It’s better than a stinky arse! In more modern houses and public toilets there will probably be a loo roll just to wipe...
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    [Help] Where have all the toilet rolls gone?

    Honestly, I’m surprised the UK hasn’t adopted the bum gun yet. One thing I dislike about going back to the UK is having to wipe my arse with tissue paper. It doesn’t clean your arse 100% hence the skid marked pants! Here in Thailand they used to have a bucket of water and a plastic scoop to...
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    [Albion] Your most wished for pre-season friendly

    Muangthong United F.C. (เมืองทอง ยูไนเต็ด) Please do an Asian tour. Come to Thailand and enjoy Thai culture (Beer Leo/Beer Chang!). It will be my only chance to see my home town team play live as I don't think I will be returning to the UK.
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    [Albion] Money for the manager

    Yes of course it was. :nono:
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    [Albion] Money for the manager

    I use to think he was OK until I read this on Ready To Go. This is you isn't it?@Wakeytom What utter crap. Seems you like to slag off the local team from the city you chose to move to. :tosser:
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    International press coverage of our promotion to the Premier League?

    From Thailand: And there are more! Most headlines say the same thing: 34 ปีที่รอคอย! ไบรท์ตันเลื่อนชั้นพรีเมียร์ลีกแล้ว = 34 years waiting! Brighton promoted to the...
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    Where in the world are you on this historic day? (except UK)

    Samut Prakan, Thailand. Thais who know me are well aware of the Seagulls. Next season the rest of Thailand will know about them too! :albion2:
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    Which Country Will you be watching the game in?

    Samut Prakan, Thailand. Been prescribed Beer Leo to ease my nervous tension. :cheers: Come on you Seagulls!
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    UKIP Foster Parents

    Sorry, going to have to pick you up on this one. Many countries protect their lands from immigrants and are openly racist. While I don't agree with these countries immigration policies, I can understand the reason behind them.
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    The Palace chairman's HAIR- a new NSC art project?

    Haha! That is just so funny. You're the ones who always harp on about the past and your fantastic history. When we compare old attendance figures, they are, to quote you "so bloody long ago there not worth mentioning". Just how far back in history are we allowed to go?
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    Gangnam Style

    Have a good time, hope it doesn't end like this:- From Bangkok post. 'Gangnam Style' dance comp leads to teen violence. Published: 21/09/2012 at 06:10 PM Online news: Local News At least 50 bullets were fired by two gangs of teenagers with a long-standing feud in the heart Bangkok on Friday...
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    Guess the location B&W Brighton!?

    Richmond Parade?
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    Khao San Road - Bangkok

    Thanks Captain. :bhasign:
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    Where have all the birds gone

    I've lost birds in the past too, even lost a couple of wives. The last one went to work three years ago and never found her way back home.:lolol:
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    Khao San Road - Bangkok

    OK, will do. :thumbsup:
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    Khao San Road - Bangkok

    Is this true?!!! I would like one if it is. I wouldn't put it on my car though, just wouldn't look right on a Honda City. Very rarely go to MBK but I'm going into Bangkok on Saturday, so might take a look.
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    Khao San Road - Bangkok

    OK cheers. I remember my first trip here with a mate, we were both Brighton taxi drivers BTW! We were ripped off for that same trip and he went ape shit. When we worked out by how much we were over charged in pounds sterling it really put things into perspective. As you say a couple of quid! Oh...
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    Khao San Road - Bangkok

    If that was sarcasm, I think you need a trip to Bangkok and chill. :rave: You stated that I would not get a taxi after 10pm with the meter which is not true, and I gave a reason as to why I probably can, no sarcasm hence the thumbs up! I know they refuse to put the meter on when they see a...
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    Khao San Road - Bangkok

    That's a new one! Lived here nearly six years, NEVER had problems getting a taxi back to where I live and that's with a meter on, irrespective of the time of day/night. Just got to know what you are doing, also helps that I speak fluent Thai so they know I'm not a tourist. :thumbsup:

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