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    [Drinking] A thread of German beers

    Augustiner is where it's at - I'll be drinking their Dunkel (dark beer) every game that Dunk(el) starts!
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    [Albion] Luton Town vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    I thought you could only make 3 sets of subs? We're up to four now surely?
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    [Albion] Defence v West Ham

    Has to be Leigh Kavenagh. Scans with Felis Navidad!
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    [Politics] Next general election (Dec 24?)

    The first Labour gov't will be dedicated to trying to clean up the Tory mess of the last 12 years - It'll be a second term where they can actually start enacting positive changes, if they make it that far..
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    [Food] Favourite fast food restaurant

    Voted Sam's because they're a happy second but Joe's Burger House off of Church Road is #1 for me.
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    [Finance] Premium Bonds - prize pool increased again - you ever have any luck?

    £400-ish since I started middle of last year which isn't bad in the scheme of things. I've always thought that one of the best jobs in the world must be being the person who rings up on the 1st of the month to forewarn people who've won a million.
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    [Cricket] The Ashes- England v Australia- 1st Test, Birmingham, June 16 - 20, 2023

    If he plays like he does at Sussex he changes shoes if he swaps between bowling & fielding.
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    [News] Fire near burgell hill?

    Hot one today eh?
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    [News] Fire near burgell hill?

    We're right by it, went up about an hour ago. It's Capital Hair as KZN said, had a good half hour of constant pops and bangs as the products went up. Hope everyone got out it's a nasty one, six fire engines parked up outside the office right now.
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    [Cricket] The Ashes- England v Australia- 1st Test, Birmingham, June 16 - 20, 2023

    They've cocked up the announcement on the radio then, it was described as "All England cricket". Just double checked and TalkShite have the rights till 2025 ¬.¬
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    [Cricket] The Ashes- England v Australia- 1st Test, Birmingham, June 16 - 20, 2023

    TMS just announced they've got the rights to ALL England cricket for the next couple of years, no more overseas Talkshite dross!
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    [Albion] So how do we feel this morning

    If Ferguson gets that ball through the middle rather than Undav we win 1-0. Ugh.
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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition

    Going to be a long season at this rate.
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    [Football] World Cup - Day Twelve

    I think the correct term is a gnat's whisker.
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    [Travel] I’m telling you, it’s WAR out there!

    I parked up on Farm Rd while the girlfriend dashed into the butchers and noticed two cars parked on double yellows as I reversed into a space. A few minutes later a fire engine turned up and asked very nicely if the lazy sods would mind moving their cars with its horn. Glorious!
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    [Finance] The Mortgage Market 2022

    It's only going to get worse. BoE saying we're in the shit for two years at least.
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    [Politics] Liz Truss **RESIGNS 20/10/2022**

    HIGNFY records on a Thursday as Friday is USUALLY a quiet day in Westminster.
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    [Politics] Liz Truss **RESIGNS 20/10/2022**

    He's a shoo-in for next editor of the Times if he keeps his profile high and his nose clean. (at least in public) Seems like he's rocking the boat for the fun of it at the moment.
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    [Politics] Liz Truss **RESIGNS 20/10/2022**

    1575358210709520385 I'm sure everything is going to work out great when the Economist is putting out such supportive front covers..
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    [Politics] Liz Truss **RESIGNS 20/10/2022**


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