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    [Football] Was it really £7.60 a pint at West Ham today?

    Like all Councils, they are cash starved by Boris and looking to get any money in they can. So obviously tendered the catering and got a good deal from 'the catering company'. The catering company thinking they have a captive audience think they can make big profits by charging what they like...
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    Shoreham air disaster

    Was watching it unfold on holiday in USA wondering if my ST Coachmates were involved.
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    [Albion] Anthony Knockaert

    Big Shane will sort him out.
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    [Albion] Marc Cucurella *Signed For Chelsea 05/08/2022*

    Trouble is that you can't always see the subs bench on TV.
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    [Travel] Advice sought: Travel from New York to JFK Airport

    Pre Covid times I took Mrs W-E. We had a limo in from the airport. Easy to pre-book but not cheap. As someone else said about $90? but an experience. As we were staying near Times Square, we hopped on a standard bus from outside the main bus station back to JFK and just enjoyed the views...
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    [Albion] Today's Friendly

    What channel?
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    [Football] Pitch invaders - you have been warned!

    Yes it is impossible to identify everyone on the pitch but the more identified and banned, the better the deterrent next time.
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    [Other Sport] EURO 2022 Official Thread

    True but you could say that for 75% of the posts on here. As I said before, I thought this was a friendly place to ask. Not so sure now. BTW I have been watching the Albion since about 1968.
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    [Other Sport] EURO 2022 Official Thread

    That's all you needed to say instead of being rude.
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    [Other Sport] EURO 2022 Official Thread

    But if I am just going to get sarcasm in reply to a honest question maybe this is no longer a friendly place to ask them.
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    [Other Sport] EURO 2022 Official Thread

    I watched all the games last season. I know they don't have to leave the penalty box but I thought they had to at least kick it out of the six yard box.
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    [Other Sport] EURO 2022 Official Thread

    Isn't the ball supposed to leave the box from a goalkick? That is twice Austria have played it backwards so serve them right
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    [Football] OMG Will fish & chips now be banned?

    You can buy fish outside. Stewards may be told to stop letting it in. (Joking of course)
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    [Football] OMG Will fish & chips now be banned?

    Argentinian player hit in face by fish during match (well nearly) but went down like it was still frozen. Another item on PBs list?.
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    [Albion] Has anyone had any joy emailing Paul Barber?

    Is that the away Directors box that always seems half empty unless Ant & Dec or Oasis are visiting?
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    [Albion] Estoril vs Brighton

    Ok thanks.
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    [Albion] Estoril vs Brighton

    What number channel on DAZN?
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    [Albion] Bennett's Field no longer available - no parking season tickets

    I see tannoy announcements on the Parish agenda. Are they complaining they can't hear them either??
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    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Which is illegal and he alleged used an alias to do it while a serving MP.

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