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  1. El Sid

    [Help] Chupa Chups

    This has got to be the most annoying confection ever to find it's way into the sweetie shop. How do you get the bloody wrapper off? Grrrrrh!!
  2. El Sid

    [Humour] Caption comp.....

    Welcome Tin Tin, did you bring Snowy with you?
  3. El Sid

    [Albion] Evan Ferguson

    reminds me of a young Shearer
  4. El Sid

    [Humour] Caption Time

    Wheels stolen from Palace coach driver's personal portaloo.
  5. El Sid

    [Albion] Just for fun - prospect pun signings

    Farcov Utwat Moldovian verbally attacking midfielder who suffers from Tourettes. Poor disciplinary record. Regularly sent off for dissent.
  6. El Sid

    [Albion] Albion match report in three words

    You're shit aaaaaaaaaa!!!
  7. El Sid

    [Albion] The official 'Has anyone got a stream, please' thread.

    My sister's boyfriend's chiropodist told my mum that an anagram of might be worth a look. My mum setup an account for $15 a month and now she can watch live footie 24/7 including PL. A match involving a south coast team that has stripey shirts is being shown this very afternoon...
  8. El Sid

    [Albion] Are we as good as I think we are?

    Best team football I've seen us play in my 59 years watching. Even misery guts Moyes admitted we were the better side today. The longest odds you can get for a top 6 finish is 6/1 !! I think a small wager is called for.
  9. El Sid

    [Food] Cheeseburger Pringles

    Disgusting. An affront to human taste buds.
  10. El Sid

    [Albion] The completely pointless Player rating thread.

    I'm team CMS and proud of it.
  11. El Sid

    [Football] Suarez

    Fangtastic player. Unfortunately his personal demands would suck the life out of the club.
  12. El Sid

    [Albion] What transfer business do you think needs to be done in January?

    I can understand why he's not happy at Chelski. Their manager is a miserable humourless twonk.
  13. El Sid

    [Albion] For Those Of You Having A Moan . . .

    If we could just find the next Charlie Livesy or Ken Beamish
  14. El Sid

    [Football] What makes a massive club a massive club?

    Delusional self-importance is the main requirement.
  15. El Sid

    [Albion] I love being an albion supporter because............

    You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes off of you You'd be like Heaven to touch I wanna hold you so much At long last, love has arrived And I thank God I'm alive You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes off of you Pardon the way that I stare There's nothin' else to compare...
  16. El Sid

    [Football] Lionel Messi - Free Agent

    You're right - 474 goals in 520 games is total shitehouse
  17. El Sid

    [Football] Lionel Messi - Free Agent

    Go on Tony, have a word with him. Big wages but think top four and Europe next season.
  18. El Sid

    [Albion] One thing you like about Graham Potter

    He reminds me of Crocodile Dundee
  19. El Sid

    [Football] Jizz Hornkamp

    My sauce tells me that the Stains have come in with a better offer.
  20. El Sid

    [Other Sport] Favourite Lord

    Lord Snooty (and his pals)

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