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    [Albion] *new* Europa League Limited Edition "Pavilion" Kit

    Will it be another 'Home' Europa kit?
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    [Albion] *new* Europa League Limited Edition "Pavilion" Kit

    Is this an away kit or are we just wearing it for all the matches?
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    [Albion] Jakub Moder

    Haven't seen him appear on today training, do anyone have news about Moder?
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    [Albion] Simple straw poll: New Home Shirt - YAY/NAY ?

    I have no idea too, the club signed a three years contract with Nike in 2019, but some said til 2023, some said 2024. Hope we will have a new supplier next season, the design of Nike are just so bad.
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    [Albion] Simple straw poll: New Home Shirt - YAY/NAY ?

    Is Nike still the kits supplier for next season?
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    [Football] New Kits Thread - Season 23/24

    Do anyone know will we have another kits supplier next season? Hope our contract with Nike ended already.
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    [Albion] Santiago Gimenez

    Actually no, we do need another striker for next season, Welbeck and Undav are more as a No.10 role under RDZ, Perdro should be the same as well. It's good to have him to compete with Fergurson and (Sima or Zeqiri?) next season.
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    [Albion] Injury News…?

    Anyone know hows Moder situation? He had been disappear from photos of team training recent weeks.
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    [Albion] If we could get into Europe this season

    I don't think we will stop it unfortunately, USG is an example of it.
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    [Albion] Sander Berge or Billy Gilmour?

    Forgot to mention, if Gilmour is the replacement of Mac Allister (who only have a year left on his contract and if he turndown the contact by the club), I think we have to sign them both then.
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    [Albion] Sander Berge or Billy Gilmour?

    Seems we are after these two midfielders. Personally, I would prefer Berge over Gilmour, he is taller and stronger, also add some hight on the midfield. Who would you sign if you are Potter, Berge or Gilmour? Or any other options that didn't appear yet? One thing for sure, with Bissouma left...
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    [Football] Union Saint-Gilloise

    Or at least they can go further than in the Champion League.
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    [Football] Union Saint-Gilloise

    Actually losing to Rangers isn't a bad thing imo. Europa League will be a winnable competition for them.
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    [Albion] Lisandro Magallán

    Too old, too slow, too expensive.
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    [Albion] NOT the 25 Man Squad - Loans, transfers and rumours

    He is still young and with potential, hope he will have a shot this season under Potter.
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    [Albion] NOT the 25 Man Squad - Loans, transfers and rumours

    Any news on Karbownik? seems he didn't travel with the team to Portugal.
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    [Albion] Dan Burn to Saudi FC

    It's ok for a player that got 18 months contract left and almost 30 year old to leave. Also, we stocked with a lot young and talented CBs in our club right now.
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    [Albion] Dan Burn to Saudi FC

    I will take it for around 20m
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    [Albion] Dante Vanzeir (22) - Union SG

    Think he will join us next season!
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    [Albion] Darwin Núñez

    Where you saw that?

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