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    [Albion] Where is Alexis going? (Other than on holiday)

    Thanks for the patronising twaddle. I’ll refer to clubs how I like, thanks.
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    [Albion] Where is Alexis going? (Other than on holiday)

    I think there’s an element of guess work going on, based on Romano saying that the fee will be ‘well below’ the previously suggested £60-65m figure.
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    [Albion] Where is Alexis going? (Other than on holiday)

    I’d suggest none of those fans have watched much of their own team this season then as their midfield has been an absolute shambles for much of it.
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    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    That would be worthy of note had you actually won the thing, IMO.
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    [Albion] Where is Alexis going? (Other than on holiday)

    Perhaps we agreed on a lower release clause on the basis of him not pushing for a move in January. He’s stayed for an extra half a season, helped to deliver us European football and in return we’ve helped grease the wheels of a move to an elite club. We still make a tidy profit on our original...
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    [Travel] Washington DC travel advice please

    If your Mrs isn’t in to museums, military or political monuments/buildings then I’d suggest DC isn’t the place to go. Having visited a couple of times, it is a place for a busy holiday with a lot of sightseeing.
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    [Albion] All time 11 according to AI

    It has manage to produce a best XI which would feature none of the players that I’d choose.
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    [Albion] I don’t want this season to end

    This. If it was GP leaving, I wasn’t disappointed. I was angry and then I got over it the moment RDZ arrived. I agree with the rest though.
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    [Football] “Is that it?”

    Don’t many of the best goal scorers of all time share the knack of essentially doing nothing all game and then popping up with a goal when it really matters? Granted he didn’t do that tonight, but I still think he’s the most complete centre forward I’ve seen in my life. And as for comparing him...
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    [Football] England squad announcement - Lewis Dunk RECALLED!

    He should be in and I believe he will be in it.
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    [News] Graeme Souness

    I still think he’s a ****
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    [Albion] Levi Colwill

    I’ve been told he wants to come here permanently and a deal could be done BUT there’s a worry that another club will swoop in and offer a higher wages than we can.
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    [Albion] Evan Ferguson

    He seems very level-headed. He had the chance to go to Liverpool before he chose to join us. His development would 100% be aided by staying with us for another year, especially with exposure to European football. I’d suspect next summer will see Ferguson and Mitoma be this summer’s Mac Allister...
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    [Albion] We MUST be the 12th man against Saints

    Watching on the TV, you could only hear Saints fans singing. The rest of the ground seemed absolutely silent.
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    [Albion] Anyone Else A Tad Emotional Today ?

    I cried when the final whistle blew, as much for those friends and family no longer with us - especially my grandfather who died aged 100 in 2017. He was the person who introduced me to the Albion and he’d first been to watch the club in the 1920s. He lived long enough to see us promoted to the...
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    [Football] Europe Tickets

    I believe a fair chunk of home tickets will be swallowed up by UEFA and sponsors. My guess is that there won’t be a huge number of tickets on sale to non-STHS. As far as away games are concerned, let’s hope we draw some teams with decent capacity grounds!
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    [Albion] EUROPE CONFIRMED!!!

    Why? Mathematically, we’ll be in Europe regardless - whether it is Europa League or Europa Conference?!
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    [Albion] Newcastle United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Had great chats with Newcastle fans in the Lady Grey, Crown Posada and The Strawberry, so by no means tarring them all with the same brush.
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    [Albion] Newcastle United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    It was a small group of young lads, so I hope they’re just horribly misguided.