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  1. Rdodge30

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    Source: The Times Could almost warrant a new thread, maybe titled: “Unions (GMB and Unite) aligned with Tories over new oil contracts” It would seem that the GMB and Unite have both expressed grave concerns over Sir Keir Starmer’s upcoming speech where he will say that a Labour Government (in...
  2. Rdodge30

    [Food] Silly Season Food Arguments - Part I - Breakfasts

    When I still lived in Brighton in the early 90’s I remember the gut buster- I couldn’t do that now !!! My favourite go-to for a large fried breakfast was The Elm Grove Cafe but I do remember for a time having great breakfasts in The Dumb Waiter First thought when I saw this thread though was...
  3. Rdodge30

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    Shocked! I’m shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.
  4. Rdodge30

    [Humour] What was your frivolous highlight of the season?

    Solly March going in the North Stand !!
  5. Rdodge30

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    I was mildly mocked for championing democracy- imagine!! - but champion it I do. Bring about political change through politics👊 I refuse to accept that any of the oil protesters genuinely believe that their protests will bring about their claimed aim of influencing Government decisions because...
  6. Rdodge30

    [Albion] Where is Alexis going? (Other than on holiday)

    We Wunt be Druv 👊
  7. Rdodge30

    [Albion] Evan Ferguson: The making of Brighton forward who could develop into a £100m player

    I wonder what RDZ thinks of Evan Ferguson and whether he fits his style of play? There was a match where he played well and scored - I don’t remember which match - but RDZ certainly played it down post match and basically said he needed to improve. Again just last week there was a quote from RDZ...
  8. Rdodge30

    [Albion] End of Season Thread (2022/23)

    Some great great moments in the season, some breathtaking play and wonder goals. The moment that stands out for me was Solly March going in the North Stand 😎
  9. Rdodge30

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    I suppose the question for me is more about deliberately causing inconvenience rather than being affected by inconvenience. My main issue though is the absolute futility of the disruption, it’s blatantly obvious that it will have absolute zero impact on government decision making. The argument...
  10. Rdodge30

    [Albion] World class Albion players ?

    For me any conversation about who is the best DM in the Premier League has to include Caicedo. Rodri maybe but Caicedo has to be part of that conversation. I don’t watch enough European league games to say he’s actually one of the best in Europe but I wouldn’t be surprised. Not every player...
  11. Rdodge30

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    I was a union rep for a few years, never recommended going on the gate over wages as it just cost too much money - asking for 5% and getting offered 2% 25 years ago but a couple of strike days and it meant months of the 3% just to break even. Workers rights/supporting unfairly treated...
  12. Rdodge30

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    My working hard was more a reference to protestors who are protesting against government- smashing up independent businesses like mine mate and having to listen to people who support them. Those people tend to support every protest regardless. On the subject of strikes - some are justified some...
  13. Rdodge30

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    Not how I remember it ! The poll tax rioters wanted an end to Tory Government as much as the downfall of Thatcher. It was Geoffrey Howe’s “Dead Sheep” resignation speech 10 months later that brought about her downfall - over the EMU of all things! Her whole cabinet told her that her position...
  14. Rdodge30

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    I saw plenty of people cheering on the French protests, some saying that the English should be more like it. I saw the businesses with their shop windows smashed - apparently a protest against the government!
  15. Rdodge30

    [News] Just Stop Oil

  16. Rdodge30

    [Albion] Hating Chelsea

    8th in the betting with Skybet City 8/15 Arsenal 9/1 L pool 9/1 Utd 12/1 Newc 12/1 Chelsea 16/1 Spurs 40/1 Brighton 66/1
  17. Rdodge30

    [Albion] Can hecke

    Yes saw that ….and Pascal’s (much stronger) reaction to Enciso in the Saints game … and Pascal not playing in Buanonotte in the Everton game 🤔
  18. Rdodge30

    [Albion] Team for City

    @BNthree Source: Sussex World …no idea if reliable?? Lewis Dunk - doubt The skipper has been playing through pain recent and is doubtful with a neck issue