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    [Albion] Calvin Bassey Rangers full-back

    Chris Cattlin was manager at the time
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    [Help] Best launderette in Brighton?

    Avoid the one at seven Dials Over-priced
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    [Albion] Squad for 23/24 - Summer 2023 Window

    What happened to the Dutch goalkeeper? Has he already been released/transfered?
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    [Albion] Team for Villa

    Expecting us to win by 3 goals. There I've said it!
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    [Albion] Next season expectations

    Winning Europa League and top four finish
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    [Albion] Albion Hall of Fame

    And also got us relegated twice!!
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    [Albion] Predict the squad for 1st Sept ‘23

    In the case of Leon Knight, his ego got in the. Way Pure and simple Agree with you about Connolly
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    [Albion] Predict the squad for 1st Sept ‘23

    I hope not! Season-long loan to Whitehawk
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    [Albion] Weston Mckennie

    According to Connor Gilligan, who runs a dirty Leeds podcast, it has been reported in Italian press that we are set to sign above player for 25 million euros! American midfielder currently on loan to Dirty from Juventus. Sounds a bit un-likely to me. Maybe agent talk? Gilligan also seems...
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    [Albion] Where are you most excited to visit in Europe?

    Yes definately They may have won the European cup 5 times in a row like Real Madrid if Cruff and Neeskins had not left. The Dutch side in the 1974 World Cup was something special
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    [Albion] Where are you most excited to visit in Europe?

    Ajax. Winners of the European cup three years running in my childhood. Also great city!
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    [Football] Ward-Prowse ?

    No thanks
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    [Albion] Christoph Baumgartner

    Sign her up!!
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    [Albion] Reiss Nelson on a free from Arsenal

    Scott would be a superb signing. I hope there is some truth in this. I know we have three strikers, but we miss Fergus on when he is not available. Solanke from Boormuff would be a good signing. We were linked with him before and he would fit our system.
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    [Albion] Reiss Nelson on a free from Arsenal

    Not going to happen. Hardly going to leave Arsenal for us as backup is he? We dont need him anyway. We have Adringa and Sima to come back if needed
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    [Albion] Brighton v Newcastle line-up, Dec 1983

    The Toon number five, Wesley Saunders, did he have a trial for us later in the season? I seem to remember we tried to sign him after we sold Fozzie. Met him once when I lived on Tyneside