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  1. Luke93

    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition

    Is that the same end where the infamous ‘Cow Corner Cafe’ is situated at Hove?
  2. Luke93

    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition

    One day Sussex will learn to see off Harmer. Ridiculous approach up top chasing 164. You’d expect that to be chased with just medium risk taking. A boundary every other over and singles was enough.
  3. Luke93

    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition

    Still free entry after tea? May pop in after work, but don’t fancy paying full entry for half a session.
  4. Luke93

    [Football] Are Chelsea actually safe?

    Can’t see. Unrealistic that Chelsea don’t secure another point. Loosing all 6 would be a very long bet. Even if Chelsea lose all 6, I think 39 may be enough regardless. Just can’t see at least 1 of the bottom 3, and all teams current between 18th and Chelsea ALL getting to 40 points.
  5. Luke93

    [Albion] OK, so what did YOU do wrong Sunday?

    I mixed Magners and Strongbow. My apologies.
  6. Luke93

    [Albion] Team for Forest

    Forest is one of our most winnable games remaining, and it’s in 2 days. Why weaken our team for a crucial fixture? Estupinan plays if he’s fit. He’ll keep playing until he’s not, as should all of our first team players.
  7. Luke93

    [Albion] I predict this season is going to end horribly

    I bet it’ll rain at some point next month too. I’m already planning my disappointment.
  8. Luke93

    [Albion] Why not bring on Steele for the shout out?

    Don’t agree with swapping keepers just for a shoot out. Sanchez was also on the back of a very good game.
  9. Luke93

    [Albion] Solly March is still a legend

    Seeing a lot of people using this as a “HA I told you so” instead of supporting our local lad who’s just missed a penalty on the back of a terrific season are a weird bunch. A minority. But a moronic one. I’m with you too Solly. Go again on Wednesday and help us beat Forest to chase the...
  10. Luke93

    [Albion] Terrible support, terrible facilities, terrible day.

    Was better today than the semi verses City in ‘19. It’s very hard to get synchronised chants going at Wembley, especially our unique songs. Honestly I’m surprised we got the Cacideo chant going that loudly when we did!
  11. Luke93

    [Albion] Players We Were Forced to Sell Off Cheaply For Financial Reasons. Could We Field A Team Of Them?

    Not sold, but we let Ian Wright go after a trail as we couldn’t afford to sign him on.
  12. Luke93

    [Albion] Notts Forrest away ticket details

    My tickets arrived today! But worryingly, still waiting for Chelsea!
  13. Luke93

    [Albion] Man City at Home

    City at home is likely to be midweek after the Southampton game. We also have Newcastle to be rearranged. The Newcastle game was originally a televised BT Sport fixture. So if we assume they want to retain their rights, that game can’t be played on the same night as any European fixture...
  14. Luke93

    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition

    Sussex win! Well held by the young Carter and Carson. Oh hang on, VAR are getting involved…
  15. Luke93

    [Albion] This season's decisions

    The only ‘generous’ VAR calls going in our favour I can think of is the Connoley penalty vs Everton and the Barnes offside at home to Leicester (twice).
  16. Luke93

    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition

    Enthralling game. Can’t beat red ball cricket like this.
  17. Luke93

    [Albion] What should the club do about yesterday's game?

    Play the highlights before the Chelsea game. Won’t need more motivation than that.
  18. Luke93

    [Football] Michael Oliver

    Three major gripes with Oliver today. 1) his positioning was awful. Constantly in the way and interferes with play a lot. Three passes deflected off him today. 2) The inconsistency with the advantage rule. Got it incorrect to Brighton’s disadvantage twice IMO Which also not helped by his...
  19. Luke93

    [Albion] Pre-match light show tonight

    Unpopular opinion… I liked it!
  20. Luke93

    [Albion] Honest mistakes

    The penalty after the final whistle was technically correct. No idea how the ref missed Maupay’s blatant hand ball initially. Full time is a stop in play so it is correct to go back to the incorrect decision. However, the added time had expired even after adding on extra time for stoppages in...