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  1. hart's shirt

    [Football] Who do you want to win today, Man U or City?

    I'm sure that would've made a big splash.
  2. hart's shirt

    [Football] Who do you want to win today, Man U or City?

    With the 13 second goal and the train strikes, United fans should probably leave now so they can get back to Surrey in good time.
  3. hart's shirt

    [News] Mizzy: Tik Tok sensation or a d***head?

    I predict that his seasoning is going to end horribly.
  4. hart's shirt

    [Albion] Marc Cucurella - Would you want him back?

    No. Absolutely not. We moved on to a better replacement and European football. He moved on to line his pockets. No going back here.
  5. hart's shirt

    [Help] How do you pm someone?

    Anytime after midday is usually appropriate.
  6. hart's shirt

    [Football] Europa League final: Sevilla v Roma

    Insightful and philosophical stuff, H.
  7. hart's shirt

    [TV] Inside No. 9 - New Series

    Sorry, your thoughtful post slipped under my NSC browsing radar! There were certainly a couple of episodes in Series 8 that I'll admit left me a little bemused at times. (Spoiler Alert) Specifically the last one tested the bounds of credibility - would a father really go through that deceit...
  8. hart's shirt

    [Albion] Albion Women

    At the risk of fixtures, but I don't see that anyone else has done this today,so it would be remiss of me to pass up the chance to say... ...a very big well done to Katie Robinson who's made the Lionesses squad for the World Cup! Whisper it quietly, but Albion just might end up with 2 World...
  9. hart's shirt

    [Football] Jeff Stelling Leaving Sky Sports

    But now we're getting into numbers. MOTD has 3 (1 presenter, 2 pundits) to cover often 5-6 games, but with highlights and time to prepare analysis. The final game of the season is always a stretch with all 10 weekend fixtures to cover. Last's night's show was full-on with the Goal of the...
  10. hart's shirt

    [Football] Jeff Stelling Leaving Sky Sports

    It may not be absolutely vital, but it's probably helpful for pundits to have some lived experience of what they're talking about for credibility alone.
  11. hart's shirt

    [Football] Jeff Stelling Leaving Sky Sports

    I don't know. Over here in Dubai, I've heard Kamara and Sheringham do Q&A sessions. They were both brimming with anecdotes and had plenty of insight on modern football from a player's perspective. For example, Sheringham's favourite time of his entire career was actually when he was an...
  12. hart's shirt

    [Football] Jeff Stelling Leaving Sky Sports

    Is anyone really longing for a 100% white panel? I'm certainly not. I didn't mention race at all in my post, but just a desire to watch and hear from ex-players who've played at the top level of the men's game and who are both half-decent analysts and raconteurs. Like I said earlier, I've got...
  13. hart's shirt

    [Football] Jeff Stelling Leaving Sky Sports

    This is very much it for me. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a few ex-players who've played at the top level watching some football, talking about it and enjoying each other's company. Like me, they're going to be male and middle-aged. That's just how it is. At a time when there's a...
  14. hart's shirt

    [Albion] Match of the Day - Goal of the Season - JULIO ENCISO!

    Well done to Shearer for choosing Enciso out of the public voted final 3, and to Lineker for having the final deciding vote on it. Another victory for the Albion. It's been a good season, hasn't it?
  15. hart's shirt

    [Football] Jefferson lerma hi

    Not really comparing like with like here, though I'll agree with you on Lerma being average. Caicedo's 21 and has years to improve his goalscoring stats. He's had 1 full season in the Premier League and played 8 league games previously. Lerma's 28 and at the peak of his playing career. He's...
  16. hart's shirt

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    The tackle at 0.15 was textbook whilst the one at 0.24 was a little lacking in finesse, but still did the job. (For balance, the video is an official JSO one.)
  17. hart's shirt

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    "We've got some pitch invaders at Twickenham from Just Stop Oil. Three people run onto the pitch and throw their orange paint onto the pitch." Thumbs up: 68 Thumbs down: 410 "Some of the biggest cheers of the afternoon come as the pitch invaders are tackled the ground and removed." Thumbs up...
  18. hart's shirt

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    Sophie Hurcom, BBC Sport at Twickenham "What a crazy, dramatic, chaotic few minutes. Out of nowhere, three protesters run onto the pitch, throwing orange powder around with them - the residue of which is still lying in patches on the Twickenham grass. No sooner have they been caught and dragged...
  19. hart's shirt

    [Football] Jefferson lerma hi

    12 goals in 175 games over the last 5 seasons, with two of them being in the Championship. Unless we want to go back to non-scoring midfielders, I don't think we're missing out here.