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    [Offers] Jessie Lingard

    Inter Miami?
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    [Albion] Graham Potter

    Leeds interested apparently.
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    [Albion] Diego Gomez

    It's part of Tony's master plan, in a few year's time the Premier League will be filled to the rafters with totally gash south American players gazumped into squads after planted rumours of Brighton interest. In the meantime, we'll be busy peacefully signing the next Micorensiean wonder kid...
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    [Technology] Artificial Intelligence

    Ah, the classic solution: "Can't someone just take out the batteries?" If only it were that simple! Unfortunately, the potential disaster lurking around is not your typical electronic device, but rather a much more complex issue. It seems we've inadvertently unleashed a monster that doesn't come...
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    [Food] Authentic Italian Restaurant in B & H

    Franco's in Hove for sure, lovely guy too
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    [Music] Spice Girls - great news coming soon

    Did you forget to switch accounts?
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    [Albion] Squad for 23/24 - Summer 2023 Window

    Has Dahoud actually signed yet?
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    [Football] Declan Rice

    Lots of stories going round saying Tuchel will leave Bayern so not sure there's much in these Rice rumours
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    [Albion] 2023 Brighton Freindlies (in UK)

    Crowborough, Eastbourne, Le Havre and Reading
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    [Albion] from Withdean to Wembley ( well actually somewhere near Paris)

    If she wants to head to Paris she’s heading in the wrong direction.
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    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    Both great stories in their own right. I can’t choose!
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    [Albion] Prize money for finishing 6th in the Premier League this season

    If we sold Caicedo and Mac we could fund a Monorail! Where do I drive them?
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    [Football] Ivan Toney

    The 200 bets in question are the football-related ones, there are plenty of other things to bet on that wouldn't be included in this investigation.
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    [Brighton] Seagulls abroad in Europe

    My whole family and myself have European passports so that shouldn't be an issue for us luckily. When you say North do you mean Chalandri area? We were also thinking of Kifissia as an option but thought we'd want to be closer to the sea as the little ones love it. Our two kids are 1 and 3 so...
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    [Football] Ivan Toney

    So do you think he was openly talking to his team mates that he was betting on their matches?
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    [Football] Ivan Toney

    It did mention something specifically about doing it when his team (who he was on loan to) was playing against his parent club so he was ineligible. The other ones I presume he was injured. I do think it’s a bit far fetched to suggest he could influence his team mates to lose. I imagine he...
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    [Brighton] Seagulls abroad in Europe

    What part of Athens do you live in mate? My young family and I are toying with the idea of moving to Glyfada.
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    [Football] Ivan Toney

    He wasn't actually playing in any of those matches, not that it makes it much better, but it is a caveat of sorts.
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    [Brighton] Seagulls abroad in Europe

    My Dad lives in Greece and I spend a fair bit of time over there with him. I'm hoping for Olympiacos Piraeus. I've been past the stadium dozens of times on the train and spent a lot of time in Pireaus (the port area of Athens) - would be incredible to see the Albion there. They're already in the...