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    *** Portsmouth v. Brighton & Hove Albion - Official Match Thread ***

    Cheers- trying to work out why the commentary sounded odd. *commentator on wrong show*
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    * * * The Ashes - Official Thread * * *

    Aggers says it's now stopped
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    * * * The Ashes - Official Thread * * *

    Aggers says it's raining...
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    Your iTunes - What's playing RIGHT NOW?

    Renegade Soundwave- Space Gladiator
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    The Lambrettas

    Great guy, Jez. He used to play fairly regular in a pub in East Preston, and would always bang out a few mod numbers for me if I was in...Sad news when I'd heard he'd died...
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    Chris Wood signs

    I don't think Zamora was a proven striker when he came here on loan.So, who knows?
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    Orange Balls?

    Orange balls? Stop eating wotsits twixt tugs...
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    the corridor of uncertainty?

    If a sensible answer is allowed, it's where the bowler pitches the ball so the batsman doesn't know whether to leave it, and risk his stumps being up-rooted, or play it where he may edge it to slip or keeper. Bowling the ball here repeatedly, ie Glenn McGrath, can unsettle and upset a batsman's...
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    Partridge is BACK

    They're only 12 or so minutes long. It's probably all about innovative ways of getting media out there in this new diverse world. Or something. It wont be long (and in fact is certainly possible now, just not that widespread) that the worlds of TV and internet will be one and the same- I can...
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    Half time interview

    Cheers old bean.
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    Half time interview

    Quick question folks, missed the beginning of the interview at half time with a Sussex player. Who was it with? my guess was Hodd, but they didn't repeat it at the end... Cheers
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    Sussex CCC County Championship Player Of The Season?...

    didn't realise there was so little between Stan and Monty in the end...
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    probably get in trouble sharing this but....

    no it wasn't. about £100 maybe for white soft paraffin and salicylic acid. still too much in my opinion. I used to make it up for a fraction of the cost, but you can't any more. sad state of affairs...
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    probably get in trouble sharing this but....

    not £9500 worth then... It's more expensive than 'normal' food, but not THAT much...
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    probably get in trouble sharing this but....

    Really? not the normal practice for dispensing from a prescription? and how did they carry it home?
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    probably get in trouble sharing this but....

    Coeliac or wheat intolerant? It may cost a lot, but it tastes awful! Doesn't make it right though, the Dr needs to have a word with himself...
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    Songs that bring a tear

    and the music was composed by Hubert Parry in Rustington. Tunes for me are, in particular order, Morning Glory by Tim Buckley or This Mortal Coil Hurt by Johnny Cash Nothing Compares 2U By Sinead or Prince Sometimes it Snows In April by Prince and The Revolution (at my funeral please.)...
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    another tv prog i need help with

    Picture Box, with that guy with a funny ear 6IF-0XNKlhk But a different episode (they were repeated a lot)
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    Favourite band at the moment?

    Buzz, I can't stress this enough- The Moons should be huge, get on them, their album is "all filla, no killah!" and their recording their second album at Edwyns... There's a scene thing here, it's exciting!
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    Favourite band at the moment?

    Ordered my Edwyn album via Rough Trade, haven't received it yet, BUT, have got a free 'Grey Kestrel' print drawn by Edwyn through the post, honoured, am I. Thanked him too, and he said it was all his wifes doing- really, he IS the nicest guy in music!