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  1. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Would Bloom ever sell the club?

    Marc Leonard is earning rave notices on loan at Northampton. And don't forget Jakub Moder ...
  2. Danny Wilson Said

    [Politics] Liz Truss **RESIGNS 20/10/2022**

    On the one hand you say you haven't seen a news programme for years and you admit that you were misinformed about Keir Starmer's origins. Where did your 'information' come from? And then you say you were against Corbyn - but based on what? I've often thought that people shouldn't be allowed to...
  3. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] I think we do need to talk about Bruno

    I think you've conflated two games there. The 'grey shirts' game was the previous season, when Stains won 3-1. Manchester United wore blue and white throughout the 6-3 defeat in 96-7, the game that Potter played in. I have a photographic memory for Manchester United defeats.
  4. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Andy Naylor - Dedicated Journalist

    I have always assumed that Vignes, Hayward and NAN are probably more ITK than Naylor as they have worked with the club. Vignes contributes to the programme and Not Andy to the website. But unless I've missed something, none of them seems to get involved in transfer gossip, which is probably wise...
  5. Danny Wilson Said

    [Humour] Best Simpsons Quote
  6. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Andy Naylor - Dedicated Journalist

    I actually got The Athletic just for the American stuff before it came over here. I then got all the UK stuff as an added bonus so I was quite happy even though I don't share some of the enthusiasm on here for its content. Some of it is very repetitive and they are so desperate to be doing...
  7. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Moises Caicedo - New contract signed until summer 2027 with 1 year extra option.

    Not just the tabloids. The i today is trying to sell him to Liverpool, but someone called Katherine Lucas (who? Exactly) thinks he was on loan in Belgium in the second ghalf of last season and only got his chance because Bissouma was sold. So not exactly a credible sauce.
  8. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] I don’t much care for Boscombe FC

    I loved the fact that we beat them to promotion in 1971-2 because the media loved them so much - Ted MacDougall, Phil Boyer, John Bond and all. We did them 2-0 at a packed-out Goldstone around Christmas time, Kit Napier's diving header ending a superb length-of-the-field move, and drew 1-1 down...
  9. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Pervis Estupiñán - SIGNED - 5 YEAR CONTRACT

    If this guy performs as Cucurella did and we sell him on at a massive profit in a year then that's fine with me.
  10. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Luca Barrington signed from Man Ciity

    Can he play left back?
  11. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Telegraph article 12/08/22 - How Albion became masters of the transfer market

    I'd take issue with the implied criticism of our failure to land either Calvin Bassey or Darwin Nunez. In both cases it was our 'failure' to offer them Champions League football where things fell down.
  12. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Pervis Estupiñán - SIGNED - 5 YEAR CONTRACT

    I think we'd want a player with more sporting pedigree than four loans away from Watford.
  13. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Sergio Reguilon

    Point 3) was proved by Potter's abject and complete failure to turn Locadia and Jahanbakhsh into Messi and Ronaldo.
  14. Danny Wilson Said

    [Football] If you want to stay in the Premier in your first few seasons

    History being rewritten somewhat there? Yes, some games were nothing special, as you'd expect over four and a hlf seasons, but we played some fantastic stuff in the Championship and the PL wins home and away against West Ham and at home to Arsenal and Manchester United were fantastic. And have...
  15. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Sergio Reguilon

    Tis sounds to me one of those rumours that Not Andy Naylor calls '2 + 2 + 5' - journo presumes we are looking for a left back because we have sold Cucurella, thinks 'who has a surplus left back?' and links him with us. Taking no notice of Potter saying we're okay with our existing options.
  16. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Not the worst 12 months for Mr Bloom.

    Just to inject a slight dose of realism here, we also took massive losses on Jahanbahksh and Locadia. And while Ben White cost £0 in transfer fees, I imagine we invested quite a lot in him in wages, coaching etc over the years.
  17. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Marc Cucurella *Signed For Chelsea 05/08/2022*

    A loan would surely have to an absolute last resort as TB has consistently said he has no interest in making other clubs' players better. And Chelsea wanting to insert a buy-back option into the deal was why we didn't pursue Livramento.
  18. Danny Wilson Said

    [Albion] Marc Cucurella *Signed For Chelsea 05/08/2022*

    Weren't we assured that Cucurella wanted to move to Citeh because of the Guardiola/Barcelona connection? I'm not aware that Thomas Tuchel was ever at the Camp Nou. It's almost as if you can't believe anything you read in the papers.
  19. Danny Wilson Said

    [Football] Women's Euro 2022 Final- England v Germany 31.07.2022- OFFICIAL THREAD

    Lewes can afford to have equal budgets for men and women as the women's first team actually brings in more money than the men's thanks to sponsorship of the second tier.
  20. Danny Wilson Said

    [Football] Tyrone Mings

    He isn't dreadful, but (to put aside any accusations of Albion bias) he's not as good a defender as either Tarkowski or Mee were at Burnley. But he fits the profile of a Southgate player, being more interested in trying to look good playing the ball out of defence than defending. Like John Stones.