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    Terrific effort lads

    Credit to all except James Wilson. Fantastic season
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    I'm buying a 20 pound insurance policy just in case we qualify. Are you?

    This must be alcohol induced logic
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    gta 5

    Buying a PS3 purely for the sake of this game. Hoping that it's as revolutionary as San Andreas
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    Just purchased 2 season tickets for Crystal Palace.

    Completely baffled why you wouldn't choose somewhere like Lewes that is surely just as easily accessible as Selhurst. Far more pleasant environment, £300 cheaper and you're not surrounded by dirty scummers for 19 days a year. If your dads well-being really is your main concern then i'm...
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    if you was Gus Poyet and you had to pick the starting x11 against crystal palace

    -------------Kush----------- Calderon--Upson--Greer--Bridge -----------Bridcutt---------- -------Spanish--Orlandi----- Buckley----------------Barnes ------------Ulloa------------ Ankegren El-Abd Painter Hammond JFC Vicente LuaLua Control the tempo and the game is ours.
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    The Official Exam Panic Thread

    Have final year degree exams on 23rd, 28th and 29th of May, all carrying a significant worth. IF we are in the play-off final on 27th I will be facing a real moral dilemma about my attendance at Wembley and level of inebriation, although I'm trying not to think of that possibility just yet.
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    Leicester roll call - time to man up

    Does anyone know if it's POTG?
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    pricks in the north today

    The booing really did piss me off. It was clearly an experimental team with a lot of young, developing players who really aren't going to want to spend their careers at a club where the fans boo them for not winning one game. Also heard some anti-ref stuff at the whistle which was also...
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    Wrexham Fans Take a Bow

    Very impressed with their team and fans today. Good numbers and loud all game long. Have to admit that I almost enjoyed watching them celebrate their goal. What a goal it was too!
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    Will You Boo Murray?

    Err, me.
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    Ryan Harley - Gus can spot a player

    Listening to his interviews on SP it would seem we have signed another player without an ego, no coincidence I'm sure. We really must have one of, if not the, best atmosphere in the dressing room right now.
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    Man U v Arsenal

    If football shorts had pockets, all 10 Arsenal players would have their hands in them right now.
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    Man U v Arsenal

    Manchester will be lively tonight.
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    Man U v Arsenal

    As it stands, we'll be in a higher league than Arsenal next season. And Spurs!
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    Should Gus Be Manager Of The Month?

    Does a bear shit in the woods?
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    Wet Sham v Forest ...

    Wasn't expecting this. Umbrella time.
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    Football League show

    Great run for the one-on-one too, looks like he's finally learned the offside rule.
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    Football League show

    I guess Liam looks a bit like Benno, haven't seen him running down the wing recently mind.