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  1. Gilliver's Travels

    [Albion] He's one of our own x3 – Are Albion unusual?

    Yes we know about locally-born players in other PL teams: Kane, Alexander-Arnold, Burn, etc. But we've got THREE Sussex lads as first-team regulars: Dunk (Brighton), March (Eastbourne) and Webster (Chichester). Is this yet another Premier League record?
  2. Gilliver's Travels

    [Albion] STH Guest tickets - help out deserving NSC friends

    Cheers Bozza. If only they'd told us.
  3. Gilliver's Travels

    [Albion] STH Guest tickets - help out deserving NSC friends

    Thanks for the prompt reply, Bozza,. The available areas page lists block 549 (blue) and block 550 (red), both showing £55-£65 and £35-£45. Coloured differently, but identical prices. Why? Surely, Wembley could have made this a lot clearer?
  4. Gilliver's Travels

    [Albion] STH Guest tickets - help out deserving NSC friends

    I shall be trying for STH guest tickets tomorrow. Can't for the life of me see why the 'select seats' pages show some in dark blue, others maroon, and some in yellow. Prices seem identical. Surprisingly, there's no colour code key – or if there is one, I've missed it. Anyone help?
  5. Gilliver's Travels

    [Technology] Laptop Spares - Trusted Suppliers ?

    My Dell laptop fan's gone a bit noisy, probably needs replacement. Just wondering where the great and the good of NSC go for decent quality PC spares. I'm warned off Amazon – poss quality issues? Your supplier recommendations will be most welcome. Cheers.
  6. Gilliver's Travels

    [Help] Podiatrists?

    Many thanks for all your suggestions! I since discovered there's a podiatrist near me, at Woodingdean. Achilles Foot Clinic. Friendly and highly professional, they provided a top-notch service at a decent price. Highly recommended!
  7. Gilliver's Travels

    [Help] Podiatrists?

    I''m at the Marina, so no distance at all. Who are they?
  8. Gilliver's Travels

    [Help] Podiatrists?

    Have a minor foot problem needing some specialist attention. Any personal recommendations for a really good podiatrist or chiropodist in the Brighton area?
  9. Gilliver's Travels

    [Albion] FA Cup 4th round ticket sales

    No. The guest tickets are issued bearing only your name, so (surprisingly) anyone can be your guest.
  10. Gilliver's Travels

    [NSC] A giant flag for the North (and other stands)

    Don't forget Adam Webster (Chichester-born).
  11. Gilliver's Travels

    [NSC] A giant flag for the North (and other stands)

    Resorting to "The Italian Job" (title of a 53 year-old film) on a giant flag looks so tediously hackneyed, and corny. Unless of course you mean that our head coach is in fact some kind of old testament prophet... Now that would represent a real coup for the recruitment team.
  12. Gilliver's Travels

    [Travel] Easyterra Holiday Car Rentals - Opinions Please!

    Thanks for that - looks a very good option.
  13. Gilliver's Travels

    [Travel] Easyterra Holiday Car Rentals - Opinions Please!

    Kefalonia - Had bad experience there previously with Green Motion (I know, sounds like meconium), trying to charge E400 for a pre-existing dent. I prefer to rent from the well-known brands. But easyterra - WTF?
  14. Gilliver's Travels

    [Travel] Easyterra Holiday Car Rentals - Opinions Please!

    Has anyone used this company? I'm just about to book car rental for our upcoming holiday in Greece. Searched and found a deal offered by Alamo. OK company in my experience. But, clicking on took me to their "partner website" – easyterra. Never heard of them. Quick sanity check...
  15. Gilliver's Travels

    [News] US Supreme Court strikes down New York law on gun carrying rights.

    Absolutely nothing new to say here. It's just too hard for the rest of us to imagine what it must be like to be living in the 21st century with a brain that's frozen forever in the Wild West.
  16. Gilliver's Travels

    [Albion] Pair of tickets up for grabs in East Upper!

    Owing to sudden family illness, just posted 2 tickets on the exchange E3B M39 & 40.
  17. Gilliver's Travels

    [Albion] Solly March - sings new contract June 2024

    It's wonderful that the word 'servant' is still applied to professional footballers. And only ever to footballers. You won't read that a departing Graham Potter, or Paul Barber (ha!) has been a 'good servant' to the Albion. The only employees deserving that term are the sort on starvation wages...
  18. Gilliver's Travels

    [Humour] Bloody Kids With Their "Can I Have Your Shirt" Signs!

    Those signs are all completely wrong. In modern parlance, "Can I GET your shirt?" shurely?
  19. Gilliver's Travels

    [Albion] Bobby Zamora - Coach?

    What is it with foreign strikers? There's that Brazilian bloke who cant even spell Richardson properly.