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    [Albion] U21's v Chelsea on LIVE NOW.

    Now 4-1, great 4th from the Albion - Mahoney
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    [Albion] What is your favourite Albion podcast?

    I try to listen to all of them on the bus to work, but definitely make time for Albion Unlimited and Together BHA. But I do like Seagulls Social, Albion Obsessed, The Albion Roar and Brighton Rock Non-Albion specific: The Price of Football, Tifo Football, The Athletic football Tactics (has had...
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    [Albion] Palace at home - 15/03/23

    What do we think? Any other team in their position, with their run of form, I would be fairly confident of a win. But we know how this plays out, don't win. 80% possession 20 shots 10 on target xG of 3.66 Palace 0 shots on target, own goal away win. I pray it isn't going to happen again...
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    [Albion] Have we ever relegated another club ?

    Wolves under Tommy Docherty in the 80's I think, when we beat them 5-0?
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    [Albion] Seagulls V Mariners - Memories

    I was there for the 4-2 midweek game. After going 2-0 down the local fish botherers were giving it large and to be fair who could blame them at the time. Then came the fightback, and it was Alan Biley I think who got 2 of the 4 we scored. Scenes, up there with one of my favourite away days.
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    [Football] 2022/2023 Relegation Thread - January/February views & votes

    I didn't vote for Palarse, but their next 10 games are vicious, although inevitably they will get 3 points against us.
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    [Football] Why no palace p1ss take thread ?

    I thought that I heard on the radio that they have scored 17 goals all season. Surely that is good enough to take the piss at the moment?
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    [Football] Clubs you dislike

    I can't stand anyone north of Lewes, west of Chichester and east of Rye. The worst of the lot? Palace, just because
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    [Albion] Transfer window.

    I hear the phrase "stupid money" in respect of Caicedo and Mac Allister, but where do people see that threshold? If I put myself in TB's shoes, it has to be north of 90 million for it to happen in January, as I hope we have replacements lined up for the summer, when I expect either one or both...
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    [Albion] I needed that, now I'm over it and wish Potter the best

    I totally agree with this. I have officially moved on. Many more results like that he will be jumping at the chance of replacing Fraudgate after the WC.
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    [Football] Man Utd v Liverpool

    Looking at the Liverpool bench, I reckon that our subs yesterday are a stronger group than that.
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    [Misc] The Big Bang (or not).

    Aliens might well have visited this planet, and may well do so in the future. But the variables in the aliens don't exist because we have not discovered them, are time and space. How long have "modern" humans been on this planet, and in that time how long have we had the technology to search...
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    [Football] Premier League 13-15/8/22

    They are going to sneak a last minute winner aren't they?
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    [Football] Premier League 13-15/8/22

    Palace have Liverpool on strings here
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    [Albion] What do members of the fan advisory boad think of the new shirt?

    If we beat Palace wearing the shirt, I am going to get one.
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    [Football] New Kits Thread - Season 22/23

    Superphil - if I could jump in - I am trying to find the "Inter Milan" away shirt sponsored by Sandtex. Can't seem to find one anywhere.
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    [Music] Julee Cruise - RIP

    So sad, I have the original Twin Peaks CD, as I loved the Angelo Badalemento(?) score as well as the songs that Julee Cruise sang so beautifully.
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    [Albion] Premier League 10-12/5/22

    Ha ha ha
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    [Albion] Marc Cucurella *Signed For Chelsea 05/08/2022*

    But, but, Tyrick Mitchell