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  1. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Wembley SF Ticket Purchase Priority

    I really hope you can take him!
  2. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Food] The Exhoribitant Price Of My Curry.

    Blimey, just imagine how much a 12 slice pizza would have been! Should've maybe gone for an 8 slice to save a few quid. This directly relates to the other thread on "things mum and dad used to say": my dad would always say he ordered pizza and the waitress asked if he'd like it cut into 8 or 12...
  3. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Misc] Sayings your old mum or dad said.

    My dad used to say to me "not as long as the hole in my arse points downwards" And "whoever's idea it was to <insert almost anything - put traffic lights here, chop down that tree, organise a party - anything> wants bloody shooting"
  4. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Misc] Own Teeth? . . . Dentures? . . . Implants?

    Couple of years ago one of my front teeth cracked at the top (did it on one of those tiny rock-hard chips you get at the bottom of the bag) - my other front tooth was due a root canal or something so that was filed down to attach my two (false) front teeth. Think that's a veneer? Anyway i didn't...
  5. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Weird season ticket goings on

    I re-loaded mine from the ticket site. Would've been a bit of a pain if I hadnt noticed until I got to the turnstiles!
  6. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Weird season ticket goings on

    When these threads pop up I have a look at mine to see if anything is strange (doesn't bother me) but this time I've gone in and mine are gone???
  7. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] new away fan ID/ticketing system

    Agree with this. The only time I can think of where it's happened to us was my mate couldn't find his ticket for Fulham on the morning of the game (lots of piss taking for that of course, what a DOOFUS) and he called up the Brighton ticket office and they arranged a replacement to be collected...
  8. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Football] Pet hates - fans getting football wrong

    Not sure if you have the wrong end of the stick here or what. But Notts with an S is basically reserved for Notts County. When referring to Forest it's either just Forest or Nottingham Forest. This has nothing to do with abbreviating the name of the club. So it is not the same as Brighton and...
  9. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Football] Pet hates - fans getting football wrong

    This. It's not the same.
  10. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Brentford tickets

    If they want to stop the tier 1 people holding tickets in their basket why not just make it so you have to assign the ticket before adding it to the basket?
  11. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Brentford tickets

    Will digital away tickets work differently then
  12. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Brentford tickets

    Wtf! There must be another block surely! Didn't have a problem getting them last time. Must be down to us looking a bit more attractive at present.
  13. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Fulham ticket available

    I have one adult ticket for Karen. Goring area
  14. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Fulham tickets

    I know it's a bit of a long shot and a bit late in the day, but yesterday I tested positive for that virus that used to be going around. So I have 1 adult and 1 u18 ticket available. I'm absolutely gutted, my poor son has been waiting 10 years to go to Fulham (pretty much the only "easy"...
  15. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] I am going around in circles re sharing my ST

    How can we "skirt" the rules? I'm not giving someone my phone for a day!
  16. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Brighton] School

    Goring First West Park Middle Durrington High
  17. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Football] Fulham away

    Ours came today