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    [Travel] Spain Covid Advise

    Malaga end of May. Vuelling had mandatory mask wearing on plane, with everyone complying. Airport checked COVID pass on arrival. NHS app was fine. As said before mask wearing on all buses, taxis and chemists.
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    [Albion] Anyone else considering cancelling their ST's?

    I've cancelled my three seats. My kids are grown up now and going their own ways with uni or work so would hardly be able to go to matches - I would be attending on my own as mates I used to go with have fallen away over the years and that's not much fun. It used to be a big part of my weekend...
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    [Brighton] Pubs around anfield

    Another recommendation for the Arkles. Always a decent mix of fans and I've never seen any problems when I've been in there.
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    [Albion] Motorbiking to the Amex on matchday...

    Over the years riding I've known of a few instances where mates have had helmets damaged or stolen while left with their parked bikes. Personally I've always preferred to take it/them with me to guard against this. Granted the vast majority of coach park users are home fans and and therefore...
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    [Albion] Motorbiking to the Amex on matchday...

    In previous seasons I've often used the bike (provided the weathers dry) to get in and out if the Amex. In East Stand Upper there are a couple of cupboards where the stewards would always store our crash helmets while the match was on. Anyone know if this is still possible post-Covid? I've not...
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    [Albion] How was it getting into the ground today?

    ESU 2.40pm. Joined queue of c.100 that moved steadily. Advance checkers coming down the queue checked Covid pass against ID for the three of us. Tapped in easily enough using NFC then went straight to seat as GOSBTS was playing. So simple. Swerved the food queue at the kiosk on the way in though...
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    [NSC] Vaccine passport required to enter Amex

    It's now sorted itself. I'm sure I did this before but I logged into my ticket account, checked the box for this years season ticket then clicked on the link to add the season ticket to the wallet. It gave me a message saying this had already been done but it must have forced through the data...
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    [Football] Season ticket updates (Apple wallet)

    I have exactly the same problem. I've checked settings in Google Pay and the Google Store and all seem to be set correctly to allow auto updates. I guess it's time to contact the club as my sons android and daughters iPhone have both changed to show the Everton game. What a pain!!!
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    [NSC] Vaccine passport required to enter Amex

    Thanks. I've checked Playstore/Profile/Settings/ Network Preferences and App download preference is set to any network, Auto update Apos is set to over wifi only - and I'm in the house with wifi connected? Ive also checked Google Pay/ Settings / and toggled both Purchase Notifications and...
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    [NSC] Vaccine passport required to enter Amex

    I checked mine this morning and it's still only showing Watford too.
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    [Food] Restaurant thread 2021

    Did Ginger Fox at Shaves Thatch this week. I'd been looking to go there for some time and we were not disappointed. The food and service was excellent.
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    [Food] Restaurant thread 2021

    I'll have a word with my daughter about making flat whites - as she is one of the waitresses at BH theres a possibility it could have been her!!
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    [Help] Mens Walking Boots

    I got some from MW. I think they were reduced to about £70 from just over £100. I've had them 3 years now and wear them in all weathers walking the dog. They are so comfy and keep my feet perfectly dry even when wading round bits of the beach. Would definitely buy again...
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    [Football] The Non-League Football Thread- 2021/22 Edition

    Yes it was a bonkers second half. I think it was heavily influenced by a Billingshurst player getting sin binned - Littlehampton scored a couple of quick goals, the visitors heads dropped and then Littlehampton put them to the sword. I really enjoyed it - I'll be back next week for the FA Vase...
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    [Football] The Non-League Football Thread- 2021/22 Edition

    Second half underway here with Littlehampton Town drawing 1-1 with Billingshurst. No alcohol but the burgers are good!
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    [Albion] The Arsenal Golden Ticket Thread

    That's what my 'friend' was wondering. Both his daughters have same build and hair style/colour. Just three years between them. Younger ones older than 12 so would need the photo ID. Not sure how well they can check likeness when shes wearing a face mask?!!
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    [Albion] The Arsenal Golden Ticket Thread

    3, 4 now 1 so good news for us. Question for those that went to the Sheff game...How close was the photo ID checked. My...ehm...*cough* friend is asking as the ticket is in his older daughters name but the younger one would like to attend in her sisters place?
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    [Food] The "how to cook rice debate"

    I can't believe all this saucepan use!! Just follow this for perfect rice; Take glass bowl and fill with required amount of rice. Pour in boiling water and cover to a level 1" above the rice. Cover with cling film and punch several holes in the top. Microwave on high for 9 mins (based on two...
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    [Football] Cheating...we simply have to improve

    Learning to shoot accurately would be better. 85% of all our shots yesterday were off target. That needs to change.