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    [Football] Big 6 PL Finances

    And what about those ultra dullards who don’t have butter at all in their sandwiches?
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    [Film] Best War Film?

    Another vote for the cruel sea
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    [Albion] What a brilliant game of football

    I think Sarmiento is the best of the South Americans pity a bit injury prone
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    [Albion] Enciso Screamer

    It was a great goal but I can think of at least three off the top of my head which are as good if not better. Zamoras volley against Halifax at Withdean, Carpenters volley at Hillsborough, Jiri Skalek’s against QPR. The best ever goal I’ve seen by any team at a Brighton game was a volley by Mick...
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    [Albion] Our greatest performance ever

    Yes this will almost certainly happen
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    [Albion] Klopp ‘ The best football I’ve ever seen in my life “

    I think our performance under potter at Wolves last season was better in terms of overall control of the game but the finishing on Saturday was astonishing
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    [Albion] Tony Grealish

    Absolutely a brilliant all round footballer and leader unmatched by any player since. Not my favourite Albion player of all time. That award goes to Peter O’Sullivan.
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    [Football] How big is Mitoma back in Japan

    Sometimes players ability is not recognised by serendipity. I think players such as Towner could have been recognised given the chance.
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    [Albion] Tony Grealish

    I wish his memory no I’ll will But he was an inferior replacement for Brian Horton who I regard as the greatest Albion player in my time as an Albion supporter
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    [Football] How big is Mitoma back in Japan

    Good player but didn’t have the skill that Mitoma Towner Brooker to get to the dead ball line to deliver really dangerous crosses in my view. Nor the finishing ability of Towner or Mitoma
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    [Football] De Zerbi ball is a bit like Gus ball - discuss

    The vibe with De Zerbi and Gus seems similar both emotionally and tactically? Am I bonkers ? Discuss
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    [Football] How big is Mitoma back in Japan

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Paul Brooker was a very skilful player as was Tony Towner
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    [Football] How big is Mitoma back in Japan

    How big is Mitoma regarded in the pantheon of Albion wingers? I rate him on a par with Tony Towner who has been severely underrated. I also liked Paul Brooker an Paul Macdonald.
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    [Football] The Non-League Football Thread- 2022/23 Edition

    It’s cathedral city I think
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    [Football] Was that our best ever League performance?

    Wolves away last season and Peterborough away under Gus were on a par
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    [Film] Films that sent you to sleep

    Citizen Kane was fairly dull, I agree having watched it a few times. Welles later film, The Magnificent Ambersons seemed even duller and I couldnt get through it so probably would have dozed off.
  17. K

    [Film] Films that sent you to sleep

    sorry - boredom!
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    [Film] Films that sent you to sleep

    Following on from the thread on films that made you blub - how about films that sent you to sleep from boredon. Out of Africa for me,