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  1. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Football] Worthing FC

    Not sure you understand how the football pyramid works..
  2. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Albion] If the Albion were taken over by Middle Eastern or a US company

    I've already given up my ST and only go to about 1/3 of home games but if we ended up being another "sportswashing" case, I wouldn't be giving the club a penny.
  3. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Politics] Is a Photo ID requirement for Voting a Good Idea?

    Without trying to sound like an insensitive ****, if someone is suffering that badly from dementia, should they be able to vote?
  4. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Albion] Arsenal fans in home stands

    With all the CCTV and how "family friendly" focused this club is, no one is going to be stupid enough to do anything about them though. It's a shame the game wasn't tighter, I'm sure there would have been some flailing arms had we scored a more meaningful goal..
  5. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Albion] Arsenal fans in home stands

    There was one, back row of the NW corner. Kept going over to people making sarcy comments whenever someone said anything about an Arsenal player. Was told in no uncertain terms where to go if he didn't like it. Never came back in the 2nd half.
  6. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Music] Taylor Hawkins Tribute

    Shane Hawkins... Wow.
  7. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Misc] Would you like to own a gun?

    I've been to a few shooting ranges and shot various different guns and really enjoyed it but I feel no need at all to own a gun.
  8. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Football] John Yems Crawley Town FC

    Struggling to believe he actually forced the players to segregate based on skin colour but if it is in fact true, that club needs a complete clean out as this would have been obvious to see for so many people within the club.
  9. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Football] Tickets for the Arsenal

    Was going to say the exact same. Thursdays seem to be when player/staff returned tickets go back up.
  10. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Albion] One game from the sack

    Whilst I don't think it was all Sami's fault, it's quite telling that since getting the sack from FC Zurich in 2016, he's had no managerial job..
  11. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Football] Football Violence On The Rise

    Exactly, flares whilst can be dangerous, I've not seen reports of any injuries from them lately? Missiles, they class plastic cups and paper as a missile.. Regarding hate crime, is it worse than it was? Or are more people reporting it nowadays(good)?
  12. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Albion] ‘Security’ at the Amex?

    It's incredibly easy to smuggle pyro into the ground, the only way they can stop it is by having sniffer dogs at every entrance or they strip search every fan.
  13. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Albion] Tariq Lamptey

    Doubt he'll go in January unless he forces the move. He will 100% go in summer if he stays fit.
  14. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Football] Giving up my season ticket.

    That's why I put that down as number 3. Reason 1 and 2 made reason 3 not worth it. In the championship I didn't mind it because I enjoyed going to games more.
  15. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Football] Giving up my season ticket.

    I decided not to renew my ST just before covid hit. It was a combination of reasons for me. 1. It was becoming stale. The "Premier League experience" is not for me. 2. The way the club(top flight football in general) is going. I don't have anything against the club and I fully understand...
  16. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [News] You're fired, you're fired, you're fired.....

    There's no easy way to lay off 900 people. Having been made redundant at the beginning of this year and finding most of the information out via the media first, I give the boss credit for doing it himself.
  17. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Football] So we're stuck with a failed Middlesbrough manager until Dec 2024.............

    He is a poor tactician and the team selection at times(all the time) can be very questionable but what Southgate does extremely well, is make the England squad play for each other, which no manager has done in a very long time. With the quality of players we have, that alone can get you a long...
  18. bn1&bn3 Albion

    [Football] Reading deducted 6 points

    It's a 6 point deduction, which worst case, will get them relegated to League One.. They are not in danger of going out of business. Plus, it's Reading.. :lolol: