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  1. wealdgull

    [Football] Lazio Tickets

    I was in Rome last week and saw Lazio v Juventus. The official website for Lazio ticket sales is and it was easy to buy tickets. Stadio Olimpico is huge, and there was a lot of availability on the website when I bought mine (a few days before the game). Tickets...
  2. wealdgull

    [Albion] Brighton v Palace parking

    Going on sale tomorrow (14th Feb) according to the ticketing website.
  3. wealdgull

    [Albion] Car parking for Bournemouth

    20 tickets now on sale for the bridge car park at
  4. wealdgull

    [NSC] Wonder what the question thing does?

    Perhaps only the person asking the question can up/downvote
  5. wealdgull

    [NSC] Wonder what the question thing does?

    If you have to ask the question...
  6. wealdgull

    [Albion] Best European ground to visit for a game….

    A slight derail, but has anyone been to Fenerbahce's ground? Worth a visit?
  7. wealdgull

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Criminal barristers are hardly representative of all barristers, so taking an average across the entire profession is meaningless. Criminal barristers often start with low salaries and remain with low salaries until they get fed up and move to other areas that are far more lucrative. Try...
  8. wealdgull

    [Albion] Covid outbreak at spurs?

    Tell that to Dunk!
  9. wealdgull

    [News] There's no need to panic buy petrol

    Leaving none for others, no doubt. Talk about taking the peas.
  10. wealdgull

    [NSC] ID required to enter the Amex

    My point was that regardless of if the person is trying to deceive the stewards or not, the photo ID is pretty much worthless when a dishonest person can scan the QR code on an unused lateral flow test and show a negative result without even bothering to test themselves. Proving they are who...
  11. wealdgull

    [NSC] ID required to enter the Amex

    Thing is, if I'm being responsible then I will report my covid status accurately so there is no need for a photo ID. And if I'm being irresponsible then I will fake my covid status and the photo ID will just corroborate the faked information. So it doesn't seem that the photo ID is useful in...
  12. wealdgull

    [Albion] U-23's pre-season friendly v Sutton United, Thursday morning, training ground; live stream

    What's going on with the American Express logos on our players' shirts? Thought I had a bad connection at first but it looks like the logos are all smudged. Or does it always look like that on the yellow shirts?
  13. wealdgull

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    That's an impressively terrible article.
  14. wealdgull

    [Football] Solly and Tariq injury news

    Is it so hard to put a question mark at the end of the thread title?
  15. wealdgull

    [Albion] Nicolas Gonzalez

  16. wealdgull

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread was the farthest ahead in terms of the understanding of the issue and ability to solve it, but they may have been side-tracked recently.
  17. wealdgull

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    I would disagree with this categorisation of Ethereum. Cardano doesn't even have smart contracts yet, and Flare is basically an overlay for Ripple, which is not even a cryptocurrency. If people want to chase big multiples then watch out for new defi projects. If they want the potential of...
  18. wealdgull

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    Ultimately any successful financial system will bring with it opportunities to make money by carrying out some sort of calculation. Blockchains will (at some stage) move away from proof of work to proof of stake, bringing energy usage closer to that of the traditional financial system, but it...