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  1. smudge

    [Football] Sheffield Utd v Manchester City FA Cup Semi Final

    City for us in the final will make our lifting of the trophy sweeter.
  2. smudge

    [Misc] Phrases you hate people saying

    Footballers being interviewed, commencing their reply with "Yeah no". Wait, what? It's so common, Harry Kane does it for every bloody answer!
  3. smudge

    [Misc] Phrases you hate people saying

    I worked there for 6 months in 99 cuz! :ROFLMAO:
  4. smudge

    [Misc] Phrases you hate people saying

    I have never, and will never, call anyone "Bro". Even if I had a brother, I would never call him that. Also, when asked a question I would never answer in the affirmative, "100%". Probably an age thing.
  5. smudge

    [Albion] What is your favourite Albion podcast?

    Gave up the Ramble a couple of years ago. I'm afraid the Geordie Guy, well, Hartlepool, so Monkey Hanger, always trying too hard to be wacky, made me give it a miss. I do dip in now & again though. New presenters are a bit meh, especially the girl that isn't Jules.
  6. smudge

    [Albion] What is your favourite Albion podcast?

    Here at work on the ship with no football on the tv, the way I keep up with everything is podcasts. Passes time in the evening on the treadmill. General Football Podcasts 5live football daily. Sometimes good, but going downhill fast. The Guardian Football Weekly The Totally Football Show The...
  7. smudge

    [Football] Marc Cucurella

    I did him hear him regret that on an Albion Unlimited podcast, so sort of forgiven him. Big mates with Lallana, loves what Brighton are doing.
  8. smudge

    [Misc] What do your DIY skills stretch to ?

    No I don't. I'm just obviously a very poor judge of people. I'm not actually from Lancing originally so don't know anyone in the area that can advise me of anyone decent either.
  9. smudge

    [Misc] What do your DIY skills stretch to ?

    I am absolutely shocking, plus I seem to excel in getting in the worst possible tradesmen who are proper bodge it & scarper merchants. I absolutely despair at some of the "tradesmanship" that I've forked out for over the years. If I could give 1 tip to anyone getting a new kitchen, do not use...
  10. smudge

    [News] Paul Cattermole RIP

    Met him when S Club 7 were part of a Christmas Day special in 2000, filmed onboard HMS Invincible. Gave them a quick tour of the flight deck, explaining ops etc. He was the one who seemed genuinely interested. Nice lad. Sad news. Anti Vaxers on Twitter jumping on every death like it's a huge...
  11. smudge

    [Football] Antonio Conte leaves Spurs

    They will come for De Zerbi at the end of the season, if he hasn't already been tapped up.
  12. smudge

    [Misc] What were YOU like at 18?

    1 year in to my 26 years in the RN. Drinking far too much, following the Albion home & away as much as I could. Scared shitless of approaching attractive girls in pubs & clubs, unless drunk, which I know now is a waste of time! Wish I'd saved a few quid & got a mortgage on house in Lewes. Imagine?
  13. smudge

    [Albion] What a week for Tony Bloom

    I love TB. I can never say enough about what he's done for our club, it's just unbelievable. Driving to Gillingham, having conversations along the lines of, "There must be someone in Brighton with a few quid to get the club back on its feet" Little did we know what was going to unfold. Dreamland.
  14. smudge

    [Football] CP supporters are not ALL Arseholes...

    Black Cab driver from Victoria to our hotel when me & the family went up the smoke for the weekend couple of weeks ago was Palace. My nipper had his Albion coat on & he spotted it straight away, so banter ensued. Had a good chat about how brilliant Brighton are, but means nothing when we face...
  15. smudge

    [Football] Who is watching too much televised football?

    I'm onboard a ship out of the west coast of the states. We get no football at all, just Yank shite. 10 weeks with zero football, just catching up with short highlights of the Albion on YouTube, if the WiFi is working. Please don't complain about too much football.
  16. smudge

    [Football] Pele RIP

    The first football kit I ever wanted and eventually my Mum got it from Swift Sports. Brazil 1970. We were all Pele down the rec. The greatest ever, RIP.
  17. smudge

    [Football] Pint chucking

    With the rise of social media came a new breed of fan, I call them concourse c**ts.
  18. smudge

    BBC iPlayer Recommendations?

    Up to Episode 3 of Sherwood. Really really good. Love BBC iplayer. Working away, I know that the downloads aren't going to disappear before I reach the end of a series, as is the case with Netflix, Amazon Prime & Apple+. Does your head in when you actually pay for those. (Used to).
  19. smudge

    [Brighton] Living in a flat

    Had a flat in Hamilton Rd BN1. Bought it around 98 I think. Loved it, great neighbours, no worries. Then the great neighbours all sold to "buy to let" merchants, and I found myself surrounded by students. Several confrontations over noise late at night, early hours. Some fisticuffs in the street...
  20. smudge

    [Albion] ITV EFL Cup Highlights

    Back under the radar!