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  1. The_Viper

    [Football] What is the earliest you have ever left a game?

    Under Mark McGhee we lost to Crewe 4-1. Whenever the fourth one went in i left. He was sacked after that game or one or two after. It was so bad.
  2. The_Viper

    [Albion] So, who is leaving this summer?

    If we make Europe everyone will stay barring Alexis IMO. His dad is salivating over another move and money money money so he's definitely gone.
  3. The_Viper

    [Other Sport] The Grand National - Official Match Day Thread

    They all look exactly how you'd expect to them to as well
  4. The_Viper

    [Football] Getting Wembley ready….

    White House =/= City Hall of San Francisco Who is on the wind up exactly? 😂
  5. The_Viper

    [Football] Chris Kavanagh

    I despise Kavanagh, think he's one of the very worst refs in the league... That being said Willian should have been sent off and the pen given for the handball, Mitro should have been sent off for grabbing the ref and Silva should have been sent off for encroaching on the VAR technical area...
  6. The_Viper

    [Music] Taylor Swift has the entire Billboard US Top Ten

    Taylor Swift is a phenomenon, she is unbelievably good and it helps that she seems just insanely down to earth even at this time, when she IS the shit. I'll be very much hoping to get tickets to one of the UK legs of her Eras Tour, I'm an unapologetic "Swiftie" and her new album is ace. I've...
  7. The_Viper

    [Albion] Brighton's women's team - what's going on

    Said it in July, they let all their best players go for nothing, signed a bunch of subpar replacements and are now 3 points from the relegation zone and as I said before, I suspect this will be a BRUTAL result for the Albion if they go down. Feels like the club as a whole is just suffering from...
  8. The_Viper

    [Politics] Joe Biden

    I despise Shapiro but good god this is horrendous. I know you apologised for it but honestly if a thread about bloody Joe Biden brings about this level of awful takes, maybe @Bozza should move this back to the Bear Pit, or give Deportivo a time out or something, because this is just gross.
  9. The_Viper

    [Misc] Covid booster for over 50s

    The US has rolled this out early September for all ages because people willing to get a booster is low, went and got ours early September, lots of my friends who haven't caught covid throughout the pandemic are now falling ill with it and are not getting the booster mostly due to apathy. Don't...
  10. The_Viper

    [Politics] Joe Biden

    Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but the last time they pumped money into the telecoms companies they didn't invest in infrastructure at all, they converted almost all of it into bonuses and shares.
  11. The_Viper

    [Politics] Joe Biden

    The roads in North Carolina are absolutely shocking so hopefully we see some improvements here. Hopefully the 65m put out for improved broadband isn't just pocketed by the Telecoms companies (again) Both parties have been wanting to spend this money for this reason for years, nice to see it...
  12. The_Viper

    [Football] The 3 for the drop ?

    We could be in the bottom 3 by the winter break. Everything is so congested from us down and full of teams that could drop with some poor form, it's impossible to call out 3 teams definitely doomed this year.
  13. The_Viper

    [Albion] Dick Knight stripped of BHAFC presidency for 10 games

    The 'fans' as you call them sharing this on social media, at least all of those I saw, were calling it a disgrace and posting it to back Dick.
  14. The_Viper

    [Albion] Danny Welbeck, should we? [18/10: we did - one year deal] - *** NEW ONE YEAR DEAL ***

    We have scored 14 goals this season, 1 was an OG, the other 13 came from our midfield. He isn't doing it on his own, our midfield are contributing with goals as we've needed, he is doing nothing.
  15. The_Viper

    [Albion] Booed off v Forest

    We literally changed from 4 at the back to a 3 midway through the Brentford game, and started today in a 3 and players in different positions to Brentford, and we finished with players moved around as well.
  16. The_Viper

    [Politics] Joe Biden

    Such a cop out, this board has a billion pages on Trumps appalling domestic policy (rightly so) and now its not him, you have no right to opine on it? LMAO Out of interest, are there any Trumpers on NSC? I don't mean people you disagree with politically, I'm talking about people who voted for...
  17. The_Viper

    [Politics] Joe Biden

    Is this how low the bar is at this point? I asked before but it's been almost 3 years now, how long does he get a free pass because he's not as bad as the clown that came before him? Also playing a blinder on Ukraine is an interesting take, with him refusing to complete a campaign promise with...
  18. The_Viper

    [Politics] Are your halloween decorations up yet?

    Having lived in this.... Interesting country for a while now I have to admit Halloween is superb here, everything is very eerie, some of the haunted house attractions are f***ing insane due to the sheer amount of acreage available for them and it's just fun. Halloween IN.