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    [Music] Spice Girls - great news coming soon

    Can we get a petition together to request they don’t get back together ! Talented they aren’t . If you want to big up a girl band - try Bananarama.
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    [Food] Authentic Italian Restaurant in B & H

    Francos on hove seafront near king Alfred
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    [Albion] Caicedo - world class

    I agree there’s not many clubs that can afford him . Arsenal are clearly keen though . Possibly Real Madrid I don’t know .
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    [Albion] Where is Alexis going? (Other than on holiday)

    It’s probably only a small number of PL clubs can afford the transfer fee at the moment unless PSG or Real Madrid come in for him .
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    [Albion] So who's going to take our penalties next season?

    Gross , Ferguson or Undav
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    [Albion] Sacha Boey

    Really difficult to tell , lots of players look world class playing in Turkey yet in the big 5 European leagues aren’t good enough . Hopefully he is .
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    [Albion] Can hecke

    I’ve not seen a forward at the Amex who throws his body about as much as haarland does
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    [Technology] Wall mount TV brackets

    I’d get an experienced electrician in , not worth the risk of the tv coming off the wall !
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    [Albion] What a brilliant game of football

    Absolutely amazing & City we’re definitely up for it , they were playing at their normal tempo and high level it’s just they struggled with our aggressive pressing all over the pitch. We have some many elite young players . Still have Sarmiento to come next season, once he’s got a few more...
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    [Music] Tina Turner - RIP

    Great singer rip
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    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester City *** Official Match Thread ***

    Main objective tonight if you can’t draw or win don’t get thrashed !
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    [Football] England squad announcement - Lewis Dunk RECALLED!

    Nearly did with Steve Foster , his pass back almost fooled the goalie
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    [Albion] Evan Ferguson: The making of Brighton forward who could develop into a £100m player

    I think to be worth more than £75m he would need to do as well the following season to show it wasn’t a one off . 2 seasons of 20 goals I agree would turn him into £100m player .
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    [Football] England squad announcement - Lewis Dunk RECALLED!

    Not true - you will see at 2pm - Dunk is back where he belongs in the England squad .
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    [Albion] Evan Ferguson: The making of Brighton forward who could develop into a £100m player

    If he continues to improve which I think is likely , he could get 18- 20 goals next season if playing regularly. At his age that would put him in the £75m + price bracket !
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    [Football] England squad announcement - Lewis Dunk RECALLED!

    Dunk will definitely be called up. I would stake my reputation on it .
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    [Albion] Team for City

    If city rest 9 of their regular 1st team players again , that will help a lot especially if it’s De B & the Great Dane out of the starting line up
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    [Albion] Victor Nelsson

    Likes classy resorts in south of France , I’m in
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    [Albion] All 1000 BHAFC staff get a bonus from Bloom

    I doubt anyone laughed at Brighton College , all the kids have high academic expectations . But yes I take your point , being exceptional at maths & stats is likely to be more helpful in business than being exceptional in many other areas .