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  1. drew

    [News] On behalf of established senior presenters…..

    No fan of Schofield but Holmes is a sanctimonious old git.
  2. drew

    [Film] Best War Film?

    Fair enough. However, Aliens and Star Wars are definitely not war films.
  3. drew

    [Film] Best War Film?

    Pretty much everyone mentioned in dispatches are good war films and worth watching. I'd dispute that Casablanca is actually a war film. As for Star Wars and Aliens, they are and always will be sci-fi. You might as well start reclassifying hundreds of western films. One that's not been...
  4. drew

    [Albion] End of Season Thread (2022/23)

    You can't really say that just based on the final table. Had we had those extra points it could have changed the dynamics of other games.
  5. drew

    [Albion] Premier League 28/5/23

    Can't stand the bloke but guess you didn't hear when he admitted the comments were all about taking attention away from the players and putting ti on him, much like Ferguson used to do.
  6. drew

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    Not sure what you mean by 'entrenched views' as I suspect most posting on here are not disputing the issues facing the planet, just the efficacy of the protests by JSO.
  7. drew

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    Why not just post a link to back up you comment, which I have no reason to doubt, as it can only strengthen your argument.
  8. drew

    [Albion] Aston Villa vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Harsh on JPVH and AW as neither have played many games this season.
  9. drew

    [Albion] Liam Rosenior - Next Brighton manager?

    And LR has no experience of RDZ's methods whereas Lallana does. Assuming RDZ stays for next season then Milner will also have experience of his methods and both have played under Klopp. Think LR would need to excel next year to have any chance.
  10. drew

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    Surely JSO would gain more traction by engaging with the population rather than, in general, inconveniencing them. Win the hearts and minds of the electorate and make it a vote winning strategy and the politicians would then see the need. That said, I believe a change of government will see a...
  11. drew

    [Albion] Chris Sutton's EPL team of the year

    Not only does he give RDZ as his Manager of the Season, he's got Mitoma, MacAlister, Dunk and Estupian in his team of the year. Says he hasn't enjoyed watching any other team as he has watching Brighton. About 10 minutes in on 606 tonight.
  12. drew

    [Albion] Prize money for finishing 6th in the Premier League this season

    Minus the bonuses already agreed for all staff at 20%,
  13. drew

    [Football] BBC- Your club's most memorable final day?

    Hereford was memorable but more for the intense sense of relief. I would firstly remind some that football didn't start in 1992 so maybe our best final game was Newcastle away in 1979!!
  14. drew

    [Albion] Albion in Europe merch

    They don't even know which competition they're in yet!!!
  15. drew

    [Albion] Can we talk about Sanchez ?

    I think the problem with some they expect perfection. De Gae has made numerous mistakes as calamitous as Sanchez's drop at Palace yet DG is still No. 1 at Old Trafford.
  16. drew

    [Football] Europe Tickets

    I can't believe Uefa and/or sponsors take that many for Europa League group games, particularly for the likes of Brighton. Also, I believe the required away allocation is only 5% instead of the usual 10% for EPL games.
  17. drew

    [Albion] Premier League 20-22/5/23

    Appreciate the sentiments but then we wouldn't have both MacAlister and Caicedo playing now, not to forget Estupian who I regard as better than Cucu!!
  18. drew

    [Albion] Newcastle United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Are you seriously suggesting we ditch Mitoma?
  19. drew

    [Albion] Can we talk about Sanchez ?

    Every goalkeeper makes mistakes. Look at De Gea's record!
  20. drew

    [Albion] Joel Veltman signs from Ajax in a 3-year deal

    With that news I doubt Pep will even consider Grealish for the squad!!!