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  1. Surf's Up

    [Misc] To what brands are you loyal?

    Haibike, Audi, Acqua di Parma, Apple, Marmite, Clinique, Harry's, G-Star RAW, Adidas trainers - to name but a few.
  2. Surf's Up

    [Albion] Graham Potter

    "Re-ignite" ..... possibly an understatement
  3. Surf's Up

    [Film] Best War Film?

    The Deer Hunter
  4. Surf's Up

    [Albion] Graham Potter

    If you saw it on here then shirley it's a fact???
  5. Surf's Up

    [Albion] We have the worst record for both attacking and defending set pieces this season

    Greater height and physicality required to improve in these areas but these attributes are not necessarily consistent with our style of play. A set pieces coach could be a good idea if only in terms of introducing higher levels of creativity in what is really one of the great unreformed areas...
  6. Surf's Up

    [Travel] UK Airports' Passport E-Gates Not Working

    Mine too, it’s a fu*king fiasco!
  7. Surf's Up

    [Albion] Anyone else think we are likely to lose both Moises and Alexis in the summer?

    oh, and he’s got a booking scheduled with the Anfield dentist to get his teeth realigned and whitened
  8. Surf's Up

    [Albion] Anyone else think we are likely to lose both Moises and Alexis in the summer?

    Anything in writing that originates from Liverpool at the moment seems to be 100% definite that Alexis has already signed for them, he’s getting the no 10 shirt, Henderson’s pissed off, he’s told us he’s leaving, the fee is 80mil euros, and that’s that!!
  9. Surf's Up

    [Albion] Pep - ‘Brighton are like a Michelin starred restaurant’

    Hmmmmmmmm…..I’m very wary of a Pep bearing gifts!!!!
  10. Surf's Up

    [Albion] Anyone else think we are likely to lose both Moises and Alexis in the summer?

    These players play well because they play for us in a system they like and which works well for them. It’s not a given by any means that they’ll flourish playing for another club in a different system with different players and different pressures and irrespective of how much the other club...
  11. Surf's Up

    [Albion] In your mind, have we qualified for the Europa League?

    Emery never plays like that but he will be looking to hit us on the break repeatedly and we have evidenced a certain vulnerability to being hit on the break recently. But not the number of times they’ll need to do it successfully to overhaul us!! I hope.
  12. Surf's Up

    [Albion] Can we talk about Sanchez ?

    Truth is that we need to upgrade next year
  13. Surf's Up

    [NSC] NSC may become unavailable

    Dear Bozza, I’m out of the country now for a couple of weeks…is there a possibility that when I return all I’ll have to do on my Mac is go to NSC on Safari and it will miraculously appear and interact with me just like it used to??!!
  14. Surf's Up

    [Albion] I'm a Newcastle fan and

    Agree with this, Smug always seems to play a dour, niggly, time wasting defensive game against us, it’s hot wired into his DNA so it could be a tight attritional affair despite the fact that the barcodes are at home. The dark arts he learned sitting at the feet of Simeone on that special trip...
  15. Surf's Up

    [NSC] NSC may become unavailable

    I’m gonna give up trying to get NSC on my Mac until all the glitches have been fixed….oh and no criticism of you Bozza, you do a great job under trying circumstances and I appreciate it massively…the current hiatus just underscores how dependent we (I) are on NSC!
  16. Surf's Up

    [NSC] NSC may become unavailable

    This is starting to get really annoying…can get NSC loud and clear on my phone but unable to access anything on my Mac, just get Page Could Not Be Loaded all the time