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    [Music] Andy Rourke sadly passes away.

    Oh no, RIP, what an influential band
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    [Albion] Villa vs Spurs

    So to summarise… spurs win good result draw good result villa win good result Can I tick all 3 boxes ?
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    [Albion] Players leaving?

    If you are a premier league footballer ther are a lot nicer places to live than Huyton, most Liverpool players live around Formby.
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    [Albion] Solly Love

    No blame, he had a great game today
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    [Football] Under 14s Girls disqualified from cup.

    as Sheebo says demand that the FA submits you all the team sheets from other fixtures, may open up a can of worms. Sounds like Liverpool were poor losers, sends a bad message to the youngsters.
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    [Albion] Frank Lampard’s Chelsea vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    I never thought I would look at a Brighton team and think that we are better in defence, midfield and attack compared with Chelsea.
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    [Albion] What should the club do about yesterday's game?

    All I can hope for is that if the club makes enough fuss so that any VAR decision for the rest of the season is properly scrutinised. IMO there was one correct VAR intervention, the mitoma goal, only because the Lino flagged, and it was not clear and obvious error. But the 3 pen shouts and 2nd...
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    [Albion] Villa now in the race for Europe - going to go the wire

    Villa have a hard run in think we will be able to finish above them, but may come down to the away game at villa. I think Liverpool will finish above us though. Champions league had gone, really hope we can make the last europa League place
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    [Albion] Attending games on your own

    usually went with mates to the goldstone, then usually by myself towards the end.mostly by myself to withdean, then started taking junior. Then 15 years or so with jn, but back to my own as he is at uni and I can’t justify keeping the season ticket. Always meet up with a mate at ht though.
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    [Football] Guardian Quiz

    13 with educated guesses and zooming
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    [Film] Film 2023

    Exact opposite, eeaao as messy, overlong and I just wanted to end, the actors are solid but Oscar winning? Rally it is a 100 mile per hour action movie. No depth to the characters or acting. Banshees and aqotwf were both superior films with superior acting (especially banshees). We all know why...
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    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    Or maybe just someone who does not agree with the BBC’s actions ? do you really think that dion Dublin can not think for himself? If you do think that I wonder why?
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    [Misc] Who was your first childhood crush.

    Yes the lovely hope sandoval, the first one is Jennifer conally
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    [Misc] Who was your first childhood crush.

    So many women, so little time….
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    [Albion] VAR decision on Estupiñán goal

    I can see this can benefit either team, but it still a margin of error, depending on angle how do you discern when the ball has left the foot ? I take it that this is decided by a human. How many frames are there per second ? The errors accumulate and it makes no sense to call offside by cm. On...
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    [Albion] VAR decision on Estupiñán goal

    Another issue I see with var is how do they determine when the pass is actually made, I don’t know the physics but I assume the foot is in contact with the ball for a fraction of a second, if the action is stopped a tenth of a second too late the attacking player could have moved fraction of a...