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  1. Super Steve Earle

    [Misc] To what brands are you loyal?

    Levi's jeans. Never worn any other since I was at Varndean and had to shrink them in the bath to fit.
  2. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] We have the worst record for both attacking and defending set pieces this season

    We clearly need a set piece expert. Actually, whilst I don't advocate for people losing their jobs, perhaps we need a new set piece expert. After all, Pascal puts our corners all around the goal, high and low crosses, yet used the same arm in the air signal for all of them.
  3. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Mahmoud Dahoud

    I'd rather sign a player with a dodgy shoulder than glass hamstrings.
  4. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Graham Potter

    Why would Hughton be left with keys/access pass after he was sacked? I can't imagine any job where you are allowed to keep your pass after leaving a company. I certainly didn't. The day you leave, you leave, and you sign in and enter through the front door like any other visitor. Can't...
  5. Super Steve Earle

    [Misc] To what brands are you loyal?

    Wow. Two Brighton fans who's first word was Adidas.
  6. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Goalkeeper situation

    Judging by Kelleher's performance against Saints. I'd say he failed the audition! File under 'dear God, I hope not!'
  7. Super Steve Earle

    [Football] Potter to Palace

    Now, where did I put my boos. The guy with a degree in emotional intelligence goes for an interview with his breakthrough club's arch rivals. Bit like Kloppy going for an interview at Everton.
  8. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Graham Potter

    I loved the job Potter was doing before he left, but my wife was bored senseless by his football and wanted to give up her season ticket after 25 odd years. I thought it was the end of the world when he left, so I rated him highly. But RDZ clearly changed the Potter mindset and re honed the...
  9. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Losing Macalister & Caicedo

    Trouble is, feedback doesn't penetrate stupid.
  10. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Deniz Undav

    I prefer to break it down as: 4 players scored 10 (yes 10) or more 4 more players scored 30 (yes 30) between them. Incredible stats.
  11. Super Steve Earle

    [Other Sport] Anyone seen any swifts?

    Not curious then!
  12. Super Steve Earle

    [Music] What's the best song you have heard today? Share it here.

    This is brilliant. Volume up, enjoy the groove.
  13. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Aston Villa vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Shame all he does is score goals. Same as that Haaland bloke. Can't see them getting much more minutes without adding a bit more to their game.
  14. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Aston Villa vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    JP was outstanding against Haaland and indeed in general play against City, the best team in the Prem, if not Europe, if not the world. That's a fair yardstick. I'll leave others to defend Webster.
  15. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Aston Villa vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Well yes, if it's guided by the medics.
  16. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Deluded Leeds (an EFL club) fans

    'These last few years'? Three years isn't even a handful, let alone a few!
  17. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Levi Colwill

    Frankly, I'm way past caring what Sanchez wants. He can go and rot on anybody's bench as long as we get good money to invest in players with a better attitude.
  18. Super Steve Earle

    [News] Just Stop Oil

    Exactly. Just because one person disagrees with something or thinks it's futile, it doesn't trump other opinions. That's why protests, usually by an intolerant minority, piss off the rest of society. Selfish people who just want their own way at the expense of things others hold dear. As you...
  19. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Levi Colwill

    No, the fans reactions to Colwill and Sanchez do not come from the same place. Sanchez has been part of a Europe chasing team and squad all season. His decision to stay home rather than support his club and team mates get over the line is despicable and disrespects all. He actually risked...
  20. Super Steve Earle

    [Albion] Graham Potter

    Hughton was great for Brighton, but he had a self imposed ceiling which I think eventually pissed off Tony Bloom. Potter was great for Brighton and I was desolate when he left, but he was a pragmatic manager who felt everybody should be grateful for each baby step by the club, and I was. But...