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  1. Is it PotG?

    [TV] Netflix - What's good to watch?

    Wow, what a head spinner. Netflix certainly know how to make 'em. The Curious Case of Natalia Grace. God knows.
  2. Is it PotG?

    [Music] Spice Girls - great news coming soon

    Amidst all of the speculation and anticipation, Mel B has put the cat amongst the pigeons by hinting that the 5 songstresses will soon be reunited. Great news on top is that it seems Victoria will be returning to show her talent. Brilliant news for the summer break.
  3. Is it PotG?

    [Misc] To what brands are you loyal?

    Sony phones Cialis M&S cashmere pullies
  4. Is it PotG?

    [Albion] Check your passport NOW!

    Just got a lovely shiny new blue one.
  5. Is it PotG?

    [Football] Liam Bridcutt & Mustapha Carayol.

    Folks with less ability and possibly a better attitude have achieved more in a tough game.
  6. Is it PotG?

    [Film] Film 2023

    Just thoroughly enjoyed Zee van Tijd, or Sea of Time. Inspired by true events, a tragedy of a lost child, enduring love and a 30 odd year old secret. Not the quickest of fillums, but gripping enough and lovely if you're in that sort of mode. Grab a decent, chewy red, close the curtains and put...
  7. Is it PotG?

    [Film] Best War Film?

    Odette Carve Her Name With Pride Where Eagles Dare
  8. Is it PotG?

    [Albion] RDZ blue and white army shirts?

    Was attempting to remove mine prior to exiting the stadium when I was deeply hurt by the comments of a complete stranger regarding its size, my ample body and a tin opener.
  9. Is it PotG?

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    Which pub is everyone meeting in?
  10. Is it PotG?

    [Football] Hand ball law

    Absolutely. Law says 'next phase = goal' basically.
  11. Is it PotG?

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    How many tickets do we get? Will it be PotG?
  12. Is it PotG?

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    £6,000,000,000,000 at stake lads, no pressure
  13. Is it PotG?

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

  14. Is it PotG?

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    Good point
  15. Is it PotG?

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    IF it reaches spot-kicks, where's your money going? Mine's on Luton.
  16. Is it PotG?

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    Indeed, or Pip Schofield v Eamonn Holmes
  17. Is it PotG?

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    Spot on, and important to separate entertaining from top quality.
  18. Is it PotG?

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    We should be beating teams like Coventry or Luton.