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  1. edna krabappel

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    This seems strangely anti-climactic.
  2. edna krabappel

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    Into the Solly March ranks of non-chosen ones now.
  3. edna krabappel

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    The pressure on Cov's last taker if Luton score this one :ohmy:
  4. edna krabappel

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    Luton fans cheering like they've won the shoot out because the kicks are at their end...didn't work for us last month...
  5. edna krabappel

    [Football] New Kits Thread - Season 23/24

    I thought it was the window on the back of Sainsbury's.
  6. edna krabappel

    [Football] New Kits Thread - Season 23/24

    Perhaps- seeing as they're so hot on their notably long history, they'll ditch the contrived nickname and revert to the more traditional Glaziers.
  7. edna krabappel

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    1-1, Cov equalise.
  8. edna krabappel

    [Football] Jefferson lerma hi

    He has way more cards than he does goals.
  9. edna krabappel

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    The most direct teams in the PL are Brentford, Everton & Newcastle, from whom we gathered a grand total of five points out of a possible 18 this season, hence my hesitation.
  10. edna krabappel

    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    You know who else played for Spurs in that tournament? "Helping" them to an 8-0 defeat against FC Köln? :ROFLMAO:
  11. edna krabappel

    [Football] Luton or Coventry?

    The Albion fan in me simply cannot help starting every season by looking at which teams will fill the relegation spots. Coventry would be absolutely nailed on for me, whereas I could see Luton having a little bit of the Brentford or Sheffield United (first season) about them- big side, very...
  12. edna krabappel

    [Albion] This team 💙 🤍 💙

    Somebody really ought to tell them what the second line is (after "Freed from desire') :lol:
  13. edna krabappel

    [Albion] Mahmoud Dahoud

    I was reading something about Gundogan this morning, and the funny thing was, when he joined City, there was a bit of talk that he was injury prone, a busted flush etc. That turned out alright.
  14. edna krabappel

    [Albion] Levi Colwill

    Indeed. Sometimes I think people just imagine players tell the boss they'd really like a rest, or can't be arsed to play, when- especially if you're part of a winning side- they're usually desperate to play, even when their body is feeling the strain. It's the S&C staff and the data people who...
  15. edna krabappel

    [Albion] Deniz Undav

    "Deniz Deniz, oh in the white and blue" for the first line surely. The rest is fine with me, although I accept it may not work for some guys on here who are clearly terrified of opposing fans thinking they might have a crush on another man and thus be a bit GAY because they sing to him in a...
  16. edna krabappel

    [Albion] What’s your dream group?

    I kept hearing people yesterday saying they'd never seen the palace in Milan, which is odd, as you'd have thought it would be on all the main sightseeing bus routes.
  17. edna krabappel

    [Albion] What’s your dream group?

    While Palace take on Coventry Coventry at home
  18. edna krabappel

    [Albion] Villa away theme / fancy dress

    I saw on Twitter a coach load of Leeds fans dressed as nuns en route to West Ham yesterday. Another load dressed in Big Sam suits and masks. Probably wasn't so funny on the way home after losing 3-1, mind.
  19. edna krabappel

    [Albion] Inigo Calderon

    I know Bruno ran off with that richer, older, brassier woman from up the road, but that should not disguise the fact he was clearly the better right back of the two. And I say that as somebody who adored Calderon.
  20. edna krabappel

    [Albion] Graham Potter

    Potter seems a very Leicester sort of manager. Would be no surprise to see him there in the Championship next season. Palace fans talked about him with some interest, but all the indicators are that they will run with Roy again (not sure who they'll revert to when they sack him around February-...