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  1. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Paul Barber OBE

    Good on him. I hope he doesn't add it to his CV if Tottenham ever start hunting for a new CEO.
  2. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Hating Chelsea

    Got a bit obsessed in my hatred of them for a while. Probably unhealthily so. It’s eased off quite a lot but it would be lovely to watch them spend a wretched decade trying and failing to claw their way back to former glories, and to watch veins bulging in the necks of their grotty fan base.
  3. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Enciso Screamer

    Exceptional goal and I'm sure a lot of City fans appreciated the quality. As for clapping it ... I'm not so sure. There were pockets of City fans clapping along to chants we couldn't really hear and I think that's the more likely explanation. There was another moment in the game when I thought...
  4. Monkey Man

    [Albion] What a brilliant game of football

    Can't imagine watching a better game at the Amex in terms of all-round quality, or feeling more upbeat and optimistic about where we're going next. This has been our best ever season and we're playing the best football we've ever witnessed. And yet the sense is that this isn't the peak. It's a...
  5. Monkey Man

    [Football] A thread full of opposition fans that no longer post on here

    Buono. I was about to suggest him too.
  6. Monkey Man

    [Football] England squad announcement - Lewis Dunk RECALLED!

    Well done Lewis. Pretty much anyone who has been watching top-level football in this country for the past five or so years knows he should have more than one England cap.
  7. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Anyone else think we are likely to lose both Moises and Alexis in the summer?

    Yes, this keeps crossing my mind too. I guess top footballers can adapt to various managers and styles of play. But there's no doubt that De Zerbi brings out the very best in our group, and I wouldn't be completely sure they'd hit those heights as part of a team playing a much different system.
  8. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Pep - ‘Brighton are like a Michelin starred restaurant’

    Pep can be very sullen and taciturn with the media at times, and like all top managers he's an incredibly bad loser. But when he's more relaxed I quite enjoy his perspectives. I suspect he's genuine in his admiration in this case, and that's a big compliment to everyone at Brighton who have...
  9. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Inside the changing room yesterday

    I remember when we got promoted posting something along the lines of “enjoy the moment, because this may be as good as it ever gets”. I never thought we’d be seriously competitive in the EPL, let alone qualifying for Europe. Now we’ve achieved those things. Not only that, I’m beginning to think...
  10. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Deniz Undav

    Undav pressure! Bearing down on you In Europa League He’s gonna score (Maybe)
  11. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Graham Potter

    Personally I'm more interested in what the much-maligned Barry Lloyd was thinking yesterday. Where is Barry these days? Plenty of ups and downs during his time here but his knack of tracking down excellent value transfer targets pre-dated our current algorithm by 30 years. (Yes, I know, Mark...
  12. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Anyone else think we are likely to lose both Moises and Alexis in the summer?

    I'm still clinging to the possibly deluded idea that Alexis will stay. He's won the biggest prize in football while playing for us. He clearly loves being here. He seems to have an amazing bond with his teammates and the staff. He's helped us to our highest ever finish, is adored by the fans...
  13. Monkey Man

    [Albion] We MUST be the 12th man against Saints

    Very good. Maybe “when the Saints are going down”?
  14. Monkey Man

    [Football] Jake Humphrey leaving BT sport after 10 years

    He’s ok really. It’s a thankless task anchoring those kinds of programmes. Idiot fans of every club claim you’re biased against them, and you have to fill hours of time asking largely pointless questions and responding to largely pointless answers. Even Des Lynam in his prime would have...
  15. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Brighton’s Lewis Dunk is so much more than a traditional centre-back, he’s ‘the whole package’

    That's interesting ... personally I just can't imagine Dunky wearing anything but a Brighton shirt. In my mind he stays with us until he's too old to command a regular slot, and then has a season or two of cameos before retirement and a possible role in the coaching set-up. Would a bigger club...
  16. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Mahmoud Dahoud

    Is it wrong of me to be worried about someone who isn't an algorithm signing? I bloody LOVE that algorithm.
  17. Monkey Man

    [Albion] "Brighton is the team that plays the most beautiful football in the world with Manchester City"

    True but we might never win any meaningful trophies. I’ve learned to break down my BHA experience into little bursts of short term pain and pleasure. Emotionally it’s hard to focus on entire seasons or longer term projects. So I’m loving the style of football and the points we’re racking up in...
  18. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Do you have any affection for any of our rivals encountered during our rise up the leagues?

    I am reading NSC right now in the Premier Inn beside Edgar Street. As I trudged from the station towards those floodlights I reflected a little on what's happened to both clubs since that Reinelt goal. I imagine they remain pretty pissed off with us.
  19. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Everton *** Official Match Thread ***

    I feel less angsty about this defeat than I have done about narrow defeats in games we should have won. We were tonked at home and never in the game. Outfought and outmanoeuvred. The score line didn’t flatter Everton but it may have slightly flattered us. In short, we deserved to lose. So we...
  20. Monkey Man

    [Albion] Worst half since….

    It really did. I had texts asking me what the hell was going on and my response was, I don’t know, I can’t believe they didn’t get five before the break.