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  1. Arthur

    [Misc] To what brands are you loyal?

    Just had a quick google and found this on Twitter But then they followed up with this Looks like you can still get it in Iceland
  2. Arthur

    [Misc] To what brands are you loyal?

    Do they still make it? The real stuff that is? I bought a 2L bottle as I saw it in the supermarket a few months back as I used to love it. Got it home and had a glass, it was revolting!! Then I noticed it was sugar free version. Whatever the sweetner they use instead has made it undrinkable IMO...
  3. Arthur

    [Music] Royal Blood ... Banging the drum.

    I may have one going spare if it's any use?
  4. Arthur

    [Albion] Hereford aside what is our most memorable final day?

    Or maybe most people like to look on the positive side? Good choices though.
  5. Arthur

    [Albion] Hereford aside what is our most memorable final day?

    Was going to ask on the other thread but it's been locked. So please don't use this thread to have a dig at Stuart as it'll end up the same way. If you take Hereford out of the mix what is the most memorable final day? Wilkins free kick against Ipswich? Ulloa header against Forest?
  6. Arthur

    [Albion] Mac and caicedo

    I can't understand why he would walk the entire length of the west stand down to the south west corner on his own when he or any of the other players have done that before (that I recall anyway). Hope you are right and he wasn't saying goodbye, but I don't think you are.
  7. Arthur

    [NSC] The only thing that’s pissing me off is these ad’s all over NSC

    No until about 30 seconds after posting this. :shootself Apologies. Feel free to merge mods.
  8. Arthur

    [NSC] The only thing that’s pissing me off is these ad’s all over NSC

    Do we have to have them? Bloody annoying when you are typing a message and it switches from 468x60 to a 300x300 and covers the text box.
  9. Arthur

    [Albion] What a brilliant game of football

    Like you I saw our team and though "crikey, let's hope Cithe have their kids out again......oh bollocks!" He's a mental genius! I can only assume his team talk went something like..... Pascal you are going to play full back, make sure you use that Cruyff as liberally as you do up the field...
  10. Arthur

    [News] Rolf

    I always thought it was circular. May be wrong though.
  11. Arthur

    [Brighton] NC State band

    Were they sat in the south east corner next to the away fans? There was pretty much a whole block with everyone dressed in red but clearly had blue and white scarfs which had me puzzled especially as they were next to the away fans. They seem to very much enjoy the after game celebrations. They...
  12. Arthur

    [Albion] STH/1901 seats for European *home* games

    It's a huge issue. I don't want to drink out of a plastic cup with the normal folk. You'll be telling me the complementary shoe shiners won't be in action for these games next! Oh the humanity! This club has gone to the dogs.....someone started singing in 1901 yesterday. I don't pay all that...
  13. Arthur

    [Football] Ivan toney going to be in trouble - BANNED for 8 months to 17th Jan 2024

    Bollocks punishment. He should have either been suspended pending the enquiry or the ban should have started from the start of next season.
  14. Arthur

    [Albion] Jason Steele for England?

    Very few people know what drives TB's data so how you can talk with such authority on it is beyond me.
  15. Arthur

    [Albion] Jason Steele for England?

  16. Arthur

    [Albion] Jason Steele for England?

    I'm sure clubs look at all stats but I doubt they pay a lot of attention to XG. We had a higher XG than Everton and lost 1-5. Actual goals are what win football matches not a subjective opinion of whether the person should have scored or not.
  17. Arthur

    [Albion] Jason Steele for England?

    My opinion is based on what I've seen not on what some stat that means f*** all in the real world. XG is the most pointless stat ever. Can't believe so many people swallow it. Not saying Steele is a bad keeper, far from it. Bob is better IMO. Steele suits our play better which is why he is...
  18. Arthur

    [Albion] Newcastle getting their excuses in early?

    We can still catch Liverpool!
  19. Arthur

    [Albion] Jason Steele for England?

    No chance. Too old Southgate Not actually that good (let's be honest Bob is a better keeper Steele is in for his distribution and Bob's face doesn't seem to fit any more)
  20. Arthur

    [Football] Did Arsenal bottle the league?

    Not at all. Their year on year improvement has been astonishingly good and they were comfortably the best team to come to the Amex (so far) this season IMO. If anyone "bottled it" so to speak it was Liverpool. They were never in the picture. Think that may be different next season. You could...