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    [Albion] Record season ticket renewals (again)

    Oh you know what, that would make perfect sense then. I've been to all 4 Europea League home matches, Rayo Vallenco friendly and only 3 home league matches due to living very far away this year (think not in England). Weirdly been to more away league matches then home this season. Thanks for...
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    [Albion] Record season ticket renewals (again)

    Thank you. I actually double checked, no sign of any Brighton emails. I did email them about missing emails and they just told me I should be receiving them. Do you happen to know if they just said to buy on the website or if there was a specific link you had to follow? Sorry for all the questions.
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    [Albion] Record season ticket renewals (again)

    Do you happen to know if an email went out. I've been to 4+ home matches this season but still don't have an email regarding this.
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    [Albion] Record season ticket renewals (again)

    Did you get an email to say that you were in the second priority window out of interest?
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    [Albion] Man City ticket refund

    I received an email on the March 26th, bottom of the email is a link "Click here to request your refund" which sends you directly to another part of the Brighton website where you fill out a form which allows you get your refund. They refunded within about 3 days for me. That said I think the...
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    [Albion] Liverpool Away Tickets

    Sold out now - I got lucky in that I brought a ticket but appears to have sold out in 2-3 minutes on the remaining tickets.
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