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    Is the person sitting next to you at the Amex

    :thumbsup: About time you miserable old ****
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    Is the person sitting next to you at the Amex

    Come on Sid, even you must be out this Saturday?:wrong:
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    Is the person sitting next to you at the Amex

    What about the person fishing next to you? ???
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    Community Football Coach - Donny Sinclair - A Dreadful Loss

    Trying to keep this near the top so hopefully many more will donate. I was there on Sunday, with both my sons, one of which was playing in the game, the other coached by Donny. It was a truly tragic event, unfortunately witnessed by many adults and children. As Mrs Coach says, everything was...
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    You may tell them all

    That's the spirit Dave :thumbsup:
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    Next Albion manager - tracking the betting market

    Dougie Freedman at 33/1. Who the f*** compiles these lists? I was tempted to have a tenner on, just to put him as favourite, to see the reactions.
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    I'm not sure you can compare the troubles in the Middle East with a bit of footy violence
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    I envy you fella. Remember when England won rugby world cup and we won play off final at Cardiff. What started out as exciting days out turned into 36 hour parties......apparently!! Luckily, I have a very understanding, and forgiving, Mrs!!
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    Apparently it is unacceptable behaviour.....

    Too early for beer???
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    Apparently it is unacceptable behaviour.....

    Is it unacceptable to text a business associate Reading fan of mine to console him, whilst reminding him that their manager is a total cock, they are absolute tinpot and their pitch invasion, and subsequent sloping off, totally dejected, was f*****g hilarious? As was that smug, useless physio...
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    14-15 years ago I'd say many on this board would be doing the same. I'ts no coincidence that the dip in football violence in the early 90's coincided with the rave scene (see Carlton Leach et al). Enjoy your night, from an over the hill ex-party animal!
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    Thank You Burnley Thread....

    Had both games on in club I was in, and Burnley played like their lives depended on it. I honestly can't think any other team with nothing to play for would have put so much in, especially when they could have been part of a party. Testament to a top manager and the reason they got promoted...
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    Post of the day!!! Hope no 'rozzers' reading this!
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    Agreed. Not always pretty, but the way it has always been.
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    I am so drunk!!

    Yep, absolutely the same, Railway Club, Newhaven. Went mental when Ulloa scored. Genuinely, I thought we'd get a goal, even better to leave it so late. Had both games on in the club, and Burnley were unbelievable, played like their lives depended on it. Whatever happens in the play-offs, best...
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    Anyone sit near constant moaners ?

    TBH I moan a hell of a lot during games and my eldest boy keeps reminding me! Strange really because I'm a very positive person generally. I think it's mainly to do with what I consider very good players just not performing to their natural ability and letting themselves down. I know they don't...
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    Pony and trap, totally. League 1 leader, Championship joker. Done great for the Albion, but just cannot progress at this level. Shame, he's been a stalwart for last 3-4 years but time to move on.
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    Spanish Rodney

    Ha ha. What, in that he breathed? Looks like a class player, not some numb nut 'I'm pleased we got the 3 points' ( AB after an FA Cup replay win)!!
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    Rohan Ince

    Think he's already a game changer; can impose himself purely through physical presence and work rate. Most important player now Bridcutt has left.
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    Leeds - last season and this

    Should have won the season before too, from 0-2 to 3-2 and conceded late to draw. We owe them a good doing and I'm looking forward to a comprehensive win on Tuesday evening. 3-0 to the good guys, with Ulloa scoring 2 with his confidence restored.
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