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  1. vegster

    [News] The blood scandal.

    An absolute scandal, which must never happen again but, will invariably, be repeated in one form or another.
  2. vegster

    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2024 edition

    Not sure if I should comment
  3. vegster

    [Albion] Goodbye and good riddance

    There is no honour in football, its Football ! Best example was when Harry Redknap left Stains to go back to Pompey..
  4. vegster

    [Albion] Roberto De Zerbi To Leave Albion After Tomorrow's Game

    I would love the NSC member who said after the first few games " We should give RDZ a contract FOR LIFE " to stand up and be recognised please... come on, you're out there ?
  5. vegster

    [News] Attempted assassination of Slovakian MP

    Europe and indeed, the wider world, is a hotbed of flashpoints at the monent. I think we have reached the end of the road for the UN now as they have been shown to have no authority or power to stop any reasonable sized nation from going to war.. Russia has got away with War Crimes in Syria...
  6. vegster

    [Music] Eurovision Song Contest 2024 ***Official Thread & Sweepstake**

    Marc Almonds lovechild now on !
  7. vegster

    [Music] Eurovision Song Contest 2024 ***Official Thread & Sweepstake**

    Excellent, the Greek bird is fit
  8. vegster

    [Music] Eurovision Song Contest 2024 ***Official Thread & Sweepstake**

    Missed that but, that sounds quite kinky...the ' Estonian Entry " sounds like an interesting position.
  9. vegster

    [Music] Eurovision Song Contest 2024 ***Official Thread & Sweepstake**

    Ireland seem to have got a tad darker since the Riverdance days..
  10. vegster

    [Brighton] Potholes

    It's a sign of a desperate shortage of cash and hoping to " muddle through " . As a kid I recall my residential road being fully resurfaced at least twice in 10 years, nowdays residential roads are rarely fully resurfaced, just 20-30 yard stretches or just the potholes. Pavements are not much...
  11. vegster

    [Cricket] Best Cricket Fielders

    Sussex's Paul Parker was brilliant. It was said that he had the ability to run convincingly at a slower speed in order to lure batsmen in to a sense of security...they would nudge a single and take a single easily then get complacent ....after a while...Parker would wait his time until they...
  12. vegster

    [News] Solar Storm Warning

    Surely the Thread of Beautiful Ladies, part II , should have been laminated from inception ?
  13. vegster

    [Misc] Happy fridat - let’s go.

    Had a pint of Ice Cold on to some Proper Jobs....4 days sober and this procedure is mind blowing.. I'm buzzing already
  14. vegster

    [Misc] Happy fridat - let’s go.

    Never heard of the beer but I'm sure it's quality, more concerned about the Salt and Vinegar crisps, Friday IS Cheese and Onion night.....
  15. vegster

    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2024 edition

    Sorry, I was too previous...I really thought that we had turned a corner...I'll get me coat.... and, not post on this thread again until post Bish/Bosh/Bash/Pajama tosh has finished...truly sorry :facepalm:
  16. vegster

    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2024 edition

    It might be time for me to admit the fact that Sussex might have genuinely returned to competitive cricket...o_O
  17. vegster

    [News] Never mind a nation of shopkeepers.........

    Never used any of them and have no idea how the system works. Usually walk to the take away and collect.
  18. vegster

    [Football] Football rumour - Erik ten Hag will be sacked at end of season

    All but that was some idiot from Talkshite though.
  19. vegster

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    It's rather odd that you are tying yourself in knots over my post saying that things should be better. You choose to obsess with my inference that the NHS should be better, in line with European health services. Take a step back, have a little think...I would like much of the UK to be improved...
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