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  1. Bozza

    [Albion] Are you going to Man City?

    Family illness stuff. I'm essentially a resident at Worthing Hospital currently.
  2. Bozza

    [Albion] Are you going to Man City?

    Yep, that's broadly my position. With other stuff going on, it's highly unlikely I can go but if my tickets don't sell - as seems likely given the volume available - then I may end up going if the opportunity presents itself.
  3. Bozza

    [Food] Lidl plus, getting your 10% off....

    Tesco Clubcard Plus man here. It's £8 a month and you then get 10% off two shops (max discount £20 per shop) each month. So we do a big shop where we buy all the non-perishables, household/cleaning stuff, toiletries, dog food and freezer things every two weeks, using the 10% off each time, and...
  4. Bozza

    [Albion] Are you going to Man City?

    With 1,636 tickets currently available for tomorrow night, the vast majority of which will be exchange tickets, it looks like quite a large number of fans either wash their hair on Thursday nights, or simply can't be arsed. Are you going? (For transparency: I'm not)
  5. Bozza

    [Albion] Paul Barber on the Men in Blazers podcast

    Listen... Watch...
  6. Bozza

    [Albion] The Rise of Roberto De Zerbi.

    Yeah - it's a Premier League Productions video. Was it on TV in the UK? Typically this sort of thing is put together for the international PL stuff.
  7. Bozza

    [News] Boy wins competition with seagull impression

    Can he play left-back then?
  8. Bozza

    [Albion] Stuart Attwell going to Euros on VAR duty

    No need to worry - Luton didn't qualify for the Euros.
  9. Bozza

    [Travel] First Time in Japan. Tips?

    I can't offer any help at all, but your post has gone straight into my top 5 NSC "I'm on holiday" posts of all time.
  10. Bozza

    [News] Gideon Falter

    I've had enough - this is horrible. I've just returned from spending the day next to my mum's bed in hospital. The 14th day in a row, with a lot more ahead of me. It's tough-going. I'm absolutely drained. I've invested tens of thousands of hours into the upkeep of this site in the last 25...
  11. Bozza

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester City *** SCORE PREDICTOR ***

    This season Albion 4 - 1 Luton - Att: 31,872 - 376 score predictions, 27 correct (7.2%) Wolves 1 - 4 Albion - Att: 31,317 - 283 score predictions, 0 correct (0%) Albion 1 - 3 West Ham - Att: 31,508 - 313 score predictions, 3 correct (1.0%) Albion 3 - 1 Newcastle - Att 31,620 - 279 score...
  12. Bozza

    [Albion] Burnley v Brighton & Hove Albion *** SCORE PREDICTOR ***

    40 of you creating lots of work for me with your 1-1 correct prediction... @Bob! @Albion Edd, @Simster, @Jack Straw, @Man of Harveys, @Withdean and I, @Ken Livingstone Seagull, @dannyboy. @sirbrian, @Gazwag, @Peteinblack. @The Orange Seagull, @durrington gull, @The Lemming Stomper, @Mellotron...
  13. Bozza

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion v Arsenal *** SCORE PREDICTOR ***

    24 correct predictions... @goldstone, @WASH, @The Antikythera Mechanism, @wilf tranter. @The Orange Seagull, @Shropshire Seagull, @One Teddy Maybank, @Toongull, @jcdenton08, @WhingForPresident, @Lifelong Supporter, @W3 BHA, @Razmertaz, @jonathonlivingstoneseagul, @Igzilla, @GT Gull...
  14. Bozza

    [Albion] Premier League 23-25/4/24

    Tuesday 23rd April Arsenal v Chelsea (20:00) - TNT Sports Wednesday 24th April Wolverhampton Wanderers v AFC Bournemouth (19:45) Crystal Palace v Newcastle United (20:00) Everton v Liverpool (20:00) - Sky Sports Manchester United Sheffield United 20:00 Thursday 25th April Brighton & Hove...
  15. Bozza

    [News] Gideon Falter

    Your post prompted me to find the video and watch it, and I am in full agreement. It struck me that the policeman was calm and polite but firm with it. All of which you'd expect. And, from that video alone, it's difficult not to agree that Falter was being disingenuous with his claim of "just...
  16. Bozza

    [Albion] Going to France. On the plane. WITH YOUR CAR.

    Seems my mum did this with her family in the early 1960s. I thought she was making it up. Then I saw this photo. I then looked up Silver City, and it really was a thing...
  17. Bozza

    [Technology] Oldish tech - Did anyone have an IPod Touch?

    This is correct - an iPod Touch is/was essentially an iPhone without the cellular connectivity bit, so slimmer and lighter too. An iPod Shuffle would be a lot cheaper as it's got a lot less functionality, but wouldn't fulfil the "cut out the laptop" bit.
  18. Bozza

    [Albion] 2024 Summer Transfer Window

    I think we are. Emin Bayram seems a target at the moment...
  19. Bozza

    [Misc] Why Amazon, Netflix, Uber etc are all turning to sh*t

    Oh, it wasn't paywalled for me. And still isn't. I imagine if you pasted the URL into here you might get access.
  20. Bozza

    [Misc] Why Amazon, Netflix, Uber etc are all turning to sh*t

    Ha! I thought exactly the same this week when I read that Marketplace is the one area of FB that is massively thriving.
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