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    [Football] FA Cup Replays Scrapped

    European football continues to expand to the detriment of domestic football...
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    [Albion] I'll never not care

    I have the impression that NSC posters tend to be on the older side, so this may not apply on here...... ......but a possible issue with the broader fanbase could be that............a 26 year old fan who started supporting when he was 14 has , more or less, known nothing but a successful upward...
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    [Football] Annoying goal celebrations

    I agree about knee slides and various ' look at me ' stuff. Knee slides ( especially when a half dozen players jump on top of the fellow in a pile ) must be bad for the body and the pitch. One ' look at me ' which really irritates me is the players who keep a grim face with no smile but...
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    [Albion] Brighton fans meltdown: arrived (Was incoming)

    With player sales and injuries we probably haven't hit the same levels. But another major factor is that opposition teams have learned that a low block is the best way to deal with our tactics. This has made it much harder to to play that brilliant incisive football. In fact, it has lead to...
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    [Albion] Brentford vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Same thing happened to me and I asked the same question. He said he was checking for any class a drugs ! Like you I have a seniors rail pass...😊
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    [Albion] Trains after Brentford

    Thanks for this idea. But the Brentford website says that Gunnersbury is closed for an hour after the game so it might be Kew Gardens to Richmond...
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    [Albion] Trains after Brentford

    Brentford site says that Gunnersbury doesn't open until an hour after the game and has a short platform.
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    [Albion] Trains after Brentford

    My first time at Brentford. How do folks usually travel back after an evening game ? Is Kew Bridge station ok or is it better to walk to Chiswick Park tube station ?
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    [Albion] Is it weird to “enjoy” a defeat?

    After a match like that I tell my family that I'm not sad, but I have lost an opportunity to be happy.
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    [Albion] Liverpool vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    And the quality of Solly, Pedro, Mitoma, Julio, Hinshelwood, Gilmour, .......
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    [Albion] Lawrenson to Liverpool.....

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    [Albion] Trains out of Termini today (Fri 8th)

    9.57 to Pisa just left.
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    [Albion] How are you getting to Rome?

    Six of us on the same flights as you. But heading to Rome Wednesday evening.
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    [Albion] Sporting Lisbon or Benfica in next round of europa

    Are people there any the wiser about whose game will be moved and to which day ?
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    [NSC] Is there a way to ignore a prefix ?

    I can ignore a thread. I can ignore a forum. Is there any way that I can ignore all posts under a specific prefix ? For instance, can I ignore all threads on the Big Board which are under the prefix ' Music ' ?
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    [Albion] £383 million

    Is this just player sales receipts ? If so, it surely is just half the story since it wouldn't account for what the club paid for the players they sold.
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    [Football] New blue card and 10 mins in sin-bin

    Something else to take the joy out of the game.....10 minutes of attack against defence training as teams go to a low block until the time is up.
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    [Albion] Positives from tonight (Luton)

    The chips at the Hatters fish bar were very good.
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    [Albion] Stadium Observations

    I've chatted with folks around me about the match being a bit like a chess game at times.......
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