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  1. ozzygull

    [Music] Pet Shop Boys

    wrong post
  2. ozzygull

    [Albion] Is this next years home shirt ???

    I really hope not, it's not because I want to buy it, It is because it would make my eyes bleed looking at the players wearing it. It is truly horrendous
  3. ozzygull

    [Misc] Which decade made you ?

    80s, The music, films, Sony Walkman, hot summers and going to the beach with my friends. I loved growing up in Brighton
  4. ozzygull

    [Politics] Worst PM since Thatcher

    look at that list :( The Tories have a conveyor belt of *unts. I picked Truss as she inflicted unimageable damage in such a short time. The others did it over a longer period.
  5. ozzygull

    [Humour] Like two peas in a pod

  6. ozzygull

    [Albion] Are YOU falling out of love with Roberto De Zerbi?

    Yes, until I see his spiky hair and beardy little face then I am like if he leaves I want him to go abroad so I don’t have to endure the pain of rejection. my husband will be happy if he leaves mind 😄
  7. ozzygull

    [NSC] Wristwatches,do you wear one ?

    Thanks. I bought my husband an Omega SeaMaster 007 edition I think. He kept admiring it in the shop, so I saved up and one day I said why don’t you try it on? He was not keen to do it as he didn’t think he was going to get it and does like waisting peoples time. I insisted saying it won’t hurt...
  8. ozzygull

    [NSC] Wristwatches,do you wear one ?

    This is it, it still needs a new battery :)
  9. ozzygull

    [Albion] Record season ticket renewals (again)

    Feeling a bit miffed. Trying to get my daughter a season ticket as she is moving back home later this year after completing her Masters degree. She was a season ticket holder from the age of 9 and only gave it up to go to University and converted to an Albion Plus member during this period and...
  10. ozzygull

    [NSC] Wristwatches,do you wear one ?

    I have a Tag Heuer watch my husband bought me about 23 years ago. Can’t see it without glasses on now, took me a few days to realise it needs a new battery 😂
  11. ozzygull

    [Albion] Thomas Tuchel to leave Bayern at the end of the season

    If they win can we get a congratulation banner put up in the North stand on the next home game? Like they did for us when we were promoted to the Premier League
  12. ozzygull

    [Film] Joker 2 - the trailer

    Silly American's I thought it was out yesterday. Who says October 4th? Looking forward to this though. Really enjoyed the first film.
  13. ozzygull

    [Politics] Count Binface's manifesto for the 2024 London Mayoral election.

    I was there couple of weeks ago, Liverpool street, as we moved our office and I had to relocate the network devices. I survived and went to Liverpool on the Sunday after for our match, thankfully my brain was able to work out the difference between the two locations.
  14. ozzygull

    [Football] Champions League 2023-24

    Hope the cheating *uck has injured himself.
  15. ozzygull

    [Music] Do you remember when....???

    I didn't own any of their records. I only liked "money's too tight (to mention)", but not enough to buy it.
  16. ozzygull

    [Albion] Jack Hinshelwood [9/4/24: new deal to 2028]

    Well done to Jack. Much deserved. (y)
  17. ozzygull

    [Misc] Which personality do we have most of on here?

    This sums up the world, Men get 14 choices, Women get one :smile:
  18. ozzygull

    [Albion] Player of the season - the vote

    Give it to Adam Lallana as he is probably retiring at the end of the season and Chelsea will try to sign him. Don't give to anyone we are trying to keep hold off,
  19. ozzygull

    [Albion] Premier League 6-7/4/24

    Just seen the Chelsea result seriously how shit must you be to draw away at Sheffield United this season. That has cheered me up, Shefield United are the team that has showed the least fight in the premier league this season. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  20. ozzygull

    [Albion] £3.90 for 1 jumbo battered sausage !!

    I drove down early yesterday, had parking in EDF booked. But arrived in hove too early for it to be open, so popped in to Uncle Sam‘s in Hangleton by the Grenadier Pub. It was the best cheeseburger and chips I have for a very long time. One billion times better than the offerings at the Amex. I...
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