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  1. herecomesaregular

    [Football] Caicedo and MacAllister, How Well Have They Done Since They Left Us?

    Not watched Chelsea for a while, nice to see Caicedo is still utter dogshit. Bridcutt Mk 2 (one club, one position, one manager wonder). Still surprises me somewhat.
  2. herecomesaregular

    [Football] Maradona

    Out of all the top talents, if I could, it would be Maradona I would love to go back in time and see a match in his prime. So, by that judgement he'd be my greatest. Always had a great respect for the second Ronaldo but I can't imagine a team with Maradona in it being spanked 4-0 at the...
  3. herecomesaregular

    [Football] Maradona

    I was disappointed with the movie about him, which didn't show enough footage of him with the ball at his feet imo. To imagine him playing on the flat "carpet" pitches we have here now and without the physical assaults of the game back in that era - he'd be better than Ronaldo and Messi, for sure.
  4. herecomesaregular

    [Albion] Champions League 23/24 Thread

    kin hell. It gets worse at half time with Richards and spitty hamming it up. What a dirth of decent commentators.
  5. herecomesaregular

    [Albion] Champions League 23/24 Thread

    Who is this shouty, cliched bellend commentating on CBS Sports? V irritating Geordie.
  6. herecomesaregular

    [Misc] Bully XL’s

    That is sad to read but there's personality and there's genetics. These things are cross bred on basis of genetic tendency to aggression. I think staffies are lovely dogs for instance, always good with children etc etc. But for 100s of years they were bred for fighting and less aggressive dogs...
  7. herecomesaregular

    [Misc] Bully XL’s

    Something might be better than nothing though of course.
  8. herecomesaregular

    [Misc] Bully XL’s

    If you think citronella spray will stop an XL Bully attack then... I think you're being a tad optimistic. I've read that twisting the dog's collar as hard as possible behind it's neck (to cut air supply) might help if a smaller dog than a bully is attached to yours but again you'd have no...
  9. herecomesaregular

    [Misc] Bully XL’s

    Agreed. To have to witness your family pet, most would consider a family member, ripped up in front of you. Very traumatic for her. And everyone present powerless to stop it. That's the thing for me, it's no different to having a tiger as a pet - if an xl bully attacks... you cannot stop it...
  10. herecomesaregular

    [Misc] Bully XL’s

    So, you're walking up Mackie Avenue, Patcham, with your sweet poodle cross, minding your own business in a "nice" area (something I've done many times myself walking my friends cockapoo up that road) and then..... These "owners" really are stupid muthafuckers...
  11. herecomesaregular

    [Albion] Koaste RIP

    Saddened to hear this. I remember a few of his songs from back in the day. Rip.
  12. herecomesaregular

    [Albion] Nigel Bushfire Erskine RIP

    I remember him from the Goldstone and vague recollections of a knee slide and the penalty/shorts down now that they're mentioned above.... I always used to buy Gulls Eye, back then an essential read. Respect and rip.
  13. herecomesaregular

    [Politics] Donald Trump 2024

    You have a lot of knowledge and contribute a lot on here but I wonder if you might ease down a bit on justifying every word you say with long counter arguments. I wonder if it's really needed tbf, maybe just let some things pass?
  14. herecomesaregular

    [Albion] I Just Don’t Care Anymore

    These threads pop up every single season. You're getting older and... that's it. Things aren't as exciting as they used to be and shagging the same girl all the time is getting sometimes a bit monotonous. Plus we've haven't been really shit for years now, sometimes we're just a bit...omg...
  15. herecomesaregular

    [Albion] Keith Wyness (ex-Everton) seems to have a bit of beef with Albion...

    I'm always interested in listening to the opinions of people who really know their onions. :lolol:
  16. herecomesaregular

    [Football] Who would you prefer to win the PL?

    Any fans of the winning team can be insufferable, so that's not a decider imo. For me, it's just plain boring if City win yet again. Yes, they can be lovely to watch but that's to be expected when you're the richest with the best manager (who it seems only manages the richest and best team in...
  17. herecomesaregular

    [Brighton] Whatever Has Happened to Imperial Arcade?
  18. herecomesaregular

    [Misc] Buddy Holly

    Yes I do , aswell as a Squeezebox. The trouble with streaming "anything" is that sometimes I go... blank - while when I peruse my cd collection something often pops out at me to have a listen to or something on my many cd compilations (like my post above) sends me on another musical journey...
  19. herecomesaregular

    [Misc] Buddy Holly

    Don't have any of his cds but this song popped up on a Mojo cd complied by Noel Gallagher, and I've always liked it:
  20. herecomesaregular

    [Other Sport] The Grand National 2024

    I think you're right but then i've only put a quid on e/w.
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