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    [Albion] Oh Bart !!

    Clearly steele was at fault today
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    [Albion] Burnley vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Wtf are you on about. Finishing above 15th is a success every season
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    [Albion] Injuries

    Undav isn't injured. He could have done a job & scored some goals this season
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    [Albion] Amex access question - SW Corner

    Only way is to walk through the seats in stands & not through concourse
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    [Football] Caicedo and MacAllister, How Well Have They Done Since They Left Us?

    Tee hee caicedo!! What a great pass for utd to score
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    [Albion] Alexis Mac Allister: Albion legend?

    If Liverpool win the title (gritted teeth), & we get his true value (another £40m) = legend
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    [Albion] The BIG keeper debate

    Bart got lucky on Sunday. Let 1 in through his legs (luckily offside) & another was appealing with his hand in the air & the shot hit his leg & went wide (imagine the uproar if that had gone in while he appealed for something)
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    [Help] Tiling cost advice

    Damion @ all tiles is really good & reasonable. He's done both my bathrooms & my father in laws. 100% recommend a local independent tradesman
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    [TV] Masters Of The Air

    band of brothers is intense & epic in many ways. masters of the air is a smaltzy, cliched & hack in comparison. it is watchable, but there is no comparison as to which conveys the sheer terror of war
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    [Albion] Evan Ferguson

    From the last several games I've seen with him in. He has about 5 touches per half. Isn't involved enough & isn't doing enough to warrant his place in the team. He is no good at holding it up with his back to goal. & his movement into the channels is non existent. Sadly, I'm not feeling...
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    [News] Veterinary costs under investigation

    This week I paid the vet £60 for medicine that I could have bought online (found out after) for £28
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    [Albion] Pervis Estupiñán - SIGNED - 5 YEAR CONTRACT

    Still out of form & frequently out of position leaving us exposed at the back on quick attacks
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    [Other Sport] Joshua v Ngannou - stream?

    Fury looking like he won't be fighting AJ anytime soon
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    [Other Sport] Joshua v Ngannou - stream?

    Watching it. Hoping Parker gets the nod over big bang
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    [Albion] Positives from Roma destroying us

    Thanks to de zerbi's awareness of the situation & tactical genius - we're still in it & all is to play for
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    [Albion] What if we've peaked?

    We have definitely peaked. Like Ipswich, boro & all the rest
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