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    [News] Government smoking ban.

    Wow that's awful but where EXACTLY is this newsagents?
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    [Football] Bilal El Khannouss

    The above is from an article from 2023, so that relates to this summer's transfer window.
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    [Football] The ticking Profit and Sustainability (FFP) timebomb... Hard to see how any relegated clubs do not take action at the end of the season innit.
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    [Albion] Marc Leonard - 16yr old from Hearts

    Do you think our loan manager just reads match reports or do you reckon they might watch the occasional game that Leonard plays?
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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2024 edition

    10:30 start also raised.
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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2024 edition

    This is well worth a watch on the youtube stream. Great stuff.
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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2024 edition

    Drop and a big LBW should in the first over then Seales gets one fourth ball. 4/1
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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2024 edition

    Declared with a 107 lead. Decent. Two wickets before lunch and we're in business.
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    [Misc] Russ “Hardest Geezer” Cook

    Finished. Unbelievable effort. Last 30 miles ticked off today at 9:48 pace
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    [Food] Restaurant 2024 thread

    Went down to Shelter Hall the other day. Had heard good thing about VIP Pizza but it was bang average and not very Italian at all. Way too much cheese and swimming in grease off the meats. Pizza 500 is approximately 45 times better if you can get past the terrible service in there. Had one of...
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    Official Running Thread

    Word of warning about a quick start is that you have the 1/2 mile uphill section in the first mile. Not sure gunning it up there will be too beneficial and to be honest it would be pretty difficult anyway as it's a bit tight up there with all the parked cars. I'd settle in personally, a bit off...
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    [Albion] Referee / VAR

    Difference for me is that one player is trying to get to the ball and one isn’t.
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    [Albion] Brentford vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Wissa not watching the ball grabs Dunk. Happens all the time but I would argue Dunk can do what he needs to to get away and actually attempt to play the ball. If the referee sees the Dunk foul it would be interesting to ask him what he thinks Wissa was doing.
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    [Albion] 2023-24 Loanee Tracker Thread

    Osman has scored for Nordsjælland.
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    [Cricket] IPL

    Yeah but was there any nurdling?
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    [Albion] Bart Verbruggen SINGS a 5-year deal

    Does it? Edit: oh yeah, it's the second Germany goal
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    [Other Sport] Defining Sporting Moment of the last 30 years (BBC Poll)

    Stokes absolutely lacing it through the covers against the Aussies in 2019.
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