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    [Albion] Champions League 23/24 Thread

    Martinez is the Argentine version of Pickford, there is something mentally wrong with him. An absolute prick. You would think refs will be watching him.
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    [Politics] Worst PM since Thatcher

    It's not just the PMs is it. It's the cabinets full stop. MPs used to carry a certain amount of respect, they used to at least give out the aura of a statesperson, a professional leader. The last 10 years or so it's getting worse and worse. Half the current lot I wouldn't trust to run a...
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    [Albion] How much is BHA worth to TB?

    Bingo. That’s what I’m actually interested in. Is the ~£30m to TB a loan repayment or really more of a dividend payment? If he still owns 100% of the club then it’s not a loan repayment and if the club is now worth more than he has invested then he’s now making money….. It’s not important...
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    [Albion] How much is BHA worth to TB?

    Thanks, is that public info?
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    [Albion] How much is BHA worth to TB?

    What a f***ing stupid reply.
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    [Football] FA Cup Replays Scrapped

    No problem IMO it was the STUPID mid-week R5 which was ridiculous and IMO unfair. If they’re scrapping that then all good. It will mean more ties going to pens which has just instantly added £10m to Pedro.
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    [Albion] How much is BHA worth to TB?

    It’s well documented that TB has loaned the club ~£400m over the years, minus the ~£30m we’ve just repaid. So an outstanding debt of around £370m. However my question is what does Tony ‘own’ in return? I assume 100% of the club, which means stadium, training ground and other assets? Does the...
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    [Albion] Kaoru Mitoma [27/2/24 - possibly out for the rest of the season]

    I don’t know where to start in replying to this.
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    [Albion] Are YOU falling out of love with Roberto De Zerbi?

    Who ‘writes’ this f***ing shit? Worse, who reads it?
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    [Albion] Current lack of goals

    This isn’t new, Bruno and Knockheart did this. It feels like we have zero pace in the side right now BUT the real issue IMO is the injuries and form of Ferguson, he ‘saved’ Tony £40m last summer, for the first time in years last summer not every thread on here was ‘we need a striker’ because we...
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    [Football] Bilal El Khannouss

    Pray for Warren……
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    [News] Another stabbing in Sydney

    At what point does mainstream social media get 'taken down'? No one can tell me the world is a better place because of it. I'm aware of the irony of posting this on an internet forum.
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    [Albion] I Just Don’t Care Anymore

    It's age. Everyone thinks the decades of being teenager/20s is the best ever. For me the late 80s & early 90s seem amazing, because I was happy go lucky and everything was new to me, I bet for my Dad it was a bit shit, the 50s was far better. Guess what for teenagers/20s today then they'll...
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    [Albion] I Just Don’t Care Anymore

    Just a few weeks after announcing a ST price rise the club announce the biggest annual profit in English football history. Just saying…..
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    [Albion] Premier League 13-15/4/24

    Agreed but still conceded enough chances to lose 3 games. 9 times out of 10 Liverpool win that 4-1
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    [Albion] I Just Don’t Care Anymore

    I think the thing I hate the most about the EPL and the average Sky/Talksport ‘fan’ is the requirement for an immediate decision on everything, you’re either brilliant or shit, whether it be a player, team, club, manager, ref. It doesn’t matter what happened last week it’s all about now. It’s...
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    [Albion] Premier League 13-15/4/24

    You’re kidding right? Liverpool created enough chances to win 3 games.
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    [Albion] I Just Don’t Care Anymore

    It’s always been about the football for me, I PAY to watch players do the stuff I can’t and would have loved to have been able to do. Football as an adult is escape, normally surrounded by others who feel/want the same thing. The ‘new’ fan and ‘match day experience’ are not helping my love of...
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    [Albion] When should you pot on an Acer seedling?

    Acer tangent….. when should you prune one and by how much? I’ve got one that’s gone a bit out of control but I’m worried if I cut it back too much it won’t recover.
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    [Football] Real Bedford

    Didn’t Crawley have this type of investment a few years ago? It didn’t end well if memory serves.
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