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    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Everton *** Official Match Thread ***

    orrible team, orrible city, orrible manager, team of hoofball thugs and neanderthals. thank Sussex for Dunk
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    [Other Sport] JPR Williams - RIP

    they always outclassed that dire England from my memory
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    [Other Sport] JPR Williams - RIP

    loved him. RIP genius
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    [Misc] Phrases you hate people saying

    'my bad...'
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    [Misc] Prostate Cancer

    I'm just 60 and have no symptoms to cause concern. but thought I sd be checked and my GP was pretty insistent there was no point due to possible false negs and my lack of symptoms. however my father, like many/most elderly men had to have treatment in his mid-80s so there is some family history...
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    [Albion] Joel Veltman Appreciation

    terrific player
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    [Other Sport] Eubank Jr v Smith

    put that scouse homophobe in his place. totally schooled him.
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    [Albion] Van Hecke or Webster?

    let's see come end of season
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    [Albion] Van Hecke or Webster?

    Web = ricket. every game
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    [Help] starting on ADs

    my mistake...on 50mg
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    [Help] starting on ADs

    many thanks for the input chaps. I'm approaching three weeks on it now, and the last two days have been much better: more energy and more optimistic. still getting odd sensations of brain fizzling but thankfully getting some deep sleep which is really helping.
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    [Help] starting on ADs

    I've been struggling with life for the last two years. a lot due to circumstances (long-term secret affair, very little freelance work in my sector, and a sideline business folded during covid). I have a gf I love (but many complications) and a wife who is fantastic person but we are v distant...
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    [Misc] endless flu

    thanks for yr replies. I'm just unable to do anything much but rest up and read a bit. don't think it's that contagious as no one else in house has had it yet. still, there's footie on the TV
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    [Misc] endless flu

    I've been suffering from the worst sore throat I've ever experienced (including covid), am blocked up with phlegm and feel generally down and have constant headache. Tested for Covid a week ago (neg). I'm a pretty fit healthy chap and normally shake off colds and flu quickly. it was bad for five...
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    [Technology] Sonos help - possibly the most annoying bug ever

    hate Sonos, like some attention-seeking child always putting his dirty fingers into a nice cake baked for the whole family.
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    [Football] Everton - Board of Directors

    sack the fans
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    [Albion] Solly March, local lad and Premier League star, is f***ing brilliant

    credit to de Z for believing in him. outstanding. not sure i did have the same confidence. delighted for Solly
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    [Football] Roberto Martinez

    definitely under achieved in Qatar. most of Belgium squad seem to dislike him. reminds me of an ambitious middle manager in a sales company who is great at self-presentation.
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    [Albion] Andy Naylor should be renamed…

    dull. states the obvious. Don't like his Bruno take. I'm sure TB wd have made sure there was an ongoing role for Bruno in club, but he chose to leave.
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    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Chelsea *** Official Match Thread ***

    loved the way Dunk said 'Potter' in the interview, not exactly spitting the word out but quite dismissive in tone. Lewis take a bow.
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