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    [Other Sport] Soccer Aid 2024

    Would be the comeback of all time if Coolio did line up for the ROTW team.
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    [Albion] Trains out of Termini today (Fri 8th)

    They are yes. Haven't seen any disruption relating to strikes this morning.
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    [Albion] Question for the stattos!

    The 99-00 was as recent as I could work out also.
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    [Albion] Question for the stattos!

    When was the last time we had two different players scoring a hat-trick in the same season?
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    [Food] Most important aspect of a roast dinner?

    Perfect roast pots. Use Maris pipers, peel keep them large enough so you can get them crispy whilst soft in the middle I usually cut larger ones in half. Soak in salted cold water for at least 30 mins. Put onto the boil, once boiling bring to a rolling simmer and set a timer for 5 mins...
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    [Albion] Lazar Samardzic

    I guess we have a working relationship with the Pozzo family (own Watford also) so who knows?
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    [Drinking] Beer Flights

    Good new option would be the rook which is where the Brighton beer dispensary used to be. Also Brick on nearby Preston street has a good craft beer selection centred more towards Lager.
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    [Drinking] Do you know these Brighton pubs?

    The Setting sun has only just recently changed hands.
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    [Albion] Trains for the Burnley game on Saturday

    Since when have horses driven the P&R buses?
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    [Albion] 21:40 from Nice delayed

    I can see why you booked that flight, you had nothing to lose.
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    [Food] Forget air fryers, who is into bbq/smoking?

    My day job is a chef but when I'm not working I love pissing about with brining and bbqing various joints of meat. There is definitely something primal about cooking food in this way. I do bloody miss the BBQ shack though.
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    [Albion] Astrid, u ok hun x

    Astrid, why the long face.
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    [Albion] Mill Hill P&R on Saturday

    Racecourse was a disaster
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    [Football] AEK Fans At The King & Queen.

    Yep, because it's a buses/taxis only.
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    [Albion] Charlie Oatway, a little chat

    If Charlie Oatway says they are mental then we are in big trouble.
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    [Albion] Marseille v Albion ticketing - allocation and priority windows etc

    Assuming it's the BA flight from Gatwick? I think there's a chance all things being equal that we can make the 11am train.
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    [Albion] Marseille v Albion ticketing - allocation and priority windows etc

    The 3 hour warning to me seems more of a ploy to get everyone into the designated area. If they said tickets needed to be collected up to an hour before kick off people would be more inclined to have a wander in other parts of the city.
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