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    [Albion] Single appearance Albion (first team) 'careers' that you've witnessed.

    And Darren Newman made his debut in the same game never to be seen in the first team again. Also Alistair Edwards, an Australian striker made one appearance in 1990
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    [Albion] First albion experience going with your mates to an away game and staying the night

    Rochdale 2001. Flew from Gatwick and stayed in Manchester. Later in the year went to Battle of Longford!!
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    [Albion] Happy 75th birthday Barry Lloyd

    Is he the only manager to get us relegated twice?
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    [Albion] Ibrahim Osman **Signing Confirmed 10/02/24**

    More chance of signing Roland Rat
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    [Albion] Facundo Buonanotte - SIGNED for 1.8 billion pesos

    What does he bring to the party? We want new signungs and we want them now!!
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    [Brighton] RDZ post-match

    I think think write them because they are entitled pricks
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    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Wolverhampton Wanderers *** Official Match Thread ***

    Where did you find that out? Was it in the Argus?
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    [Albion] Potter- what’s he up to?

    Peter Taylor managed both clubs and got sacked by Simon Jordan!
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    [Albion] Valentín Barco **Signed 20/01/24**

    Nailed it as usual Harry When did Everton or Villa last win a Trophy? Ok West Ham won the Euro-mickey Mouse cup but does that count? Quite happy with thw way the club conducts its business
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    [Albion] Conor Gallagher ?

    Anyone know what Jonjo Shelvey is up to? Could do a job!!
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    [Football] Ross Barkley - released.

    No chance Rather sign Hanibal Lector
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    [Albion] Conor Gallagher ?

    I the name of God No!!!! Don't do it uncle Tony!!
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