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  1. Brighton Lines

    [Albion] 1914 and 1939 seasons?

    Quite. Although I think those who guested were in the forces. I'll look up the report next time I'm at The Keep.
  2. Brighton Lines

    [Albion] 1914 and 1939 seasons?

    It was actually Lord Kinnaird He was given the old trophy in 1910 and his family held it for 95 years.....
  3. Brighton Lines

    [Albion] 1914 and 1939 seasons?

    For those who don't know. Albion lost 18-0 at Norwich on Christmas Day 1940. A silly match. 1 first teamer, 3 youngsters and a borrowed player from Bolton. The rest were offered up by Norwich or came from the crowd. In the war years you took your boots as well as a flask to the match.