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    [Football] Chris Kavanagh

    I’m amazed anyone thinks the Willian handball wasn’t deliberate. He throws his arm down directly towards where the ball is travelling. His movement certainly isn’t natural
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    [Football] Mitrović versus Barnes

    There is no world where Willian was doing anything but deliberately trying to handle the ball. He is certainly not trying to get it out of the way. The Silva one seemed a touch harsh.
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    [Football] Leeds United

    Cool story bro
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    [Albion] Can we talk about Sanchez ?

    Calling Dr No. Our best chance of Europe is finishing 7th. Dropping what RDZ considers our best keeper for two very winnable games in order to have him available for a league 2 side is insanely counterproductive.
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    [Albion] Sack Roberto De Zerbi

    Tough crowd. Made me tittle a little.
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    [Football] Potter at Chelsea

    Depends on the terms of the contract. Pardew for example with his 7 year contract at Newcastle only had a years pay-off when sacked.
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    [NSC] Warning of stuff

    I think it sounds great. There are a few who follow each other around the board trying to get a rise out of the other. It’s tedious for the rest of us.
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    [Finance] Advise with recruitment

    if you’ve signed nothing not a world where I’d be paying it. They’re chancing.
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    [Football] Do Referees Actually Enjoy Their Job?

    I’m coming to the end of my playing days now and have thought about reffing just to keep involved. I’ll miss playing and being in and around it. To be honest though the abuse against refs have got worse the last few years (unsurprisingly the standard of ref has then got worse and worse as the...
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    [Albion] Alleged Head Injuries

    Any chance you and @ Beach Hut can block each other and be done with it? Tediously dull for the rest of us
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    [Sussex] Which is the chaviest area of Sussex...

    Worthing is well away from this list now really.
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    [Albion] Will Brighton be allowed to play in Europe?

    Bloom would have foreseen the chances of this particular issue. It is basically inconceivable given our direction of travel and intentions it wouldn’t have been considered before him taking over USG. Nothing to worry about here.
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    [Brighton] Lord of the Bins

    Very much this. It can’t really be a surprise to them that if it was seen by the copyright owner they might have an issue
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    [Football] Newcastle - Gamesmanship

    How do you feel about some of the diving from our players? It’s no different really.
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    [Football] Not what they thought they were buying- Ashworth and Winstanley

    Ashworth is about the top tier in his position . Was before he joined us and still is. We are reaping benefits of how he changed our structure. Newcastle seem to be going about their change to a big side pretty well. They are just fishing in a bigger pond than us. Chelsea looks like it’ll...
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    [Albion] Vítor Oliveira (Vitinha)

    There comes a point where we will have to spend some big money. Not saying it’s now but we’ve reaped in so much in transfer fees, and given our position in the league, it seems the time it would be most likely we would take the jump. Given it’s likely at least Caicedo will be gone in the summer...
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    [Albion] Moises Caicedo - New contract signed until summer 2027 with 1 year extra option.

    They’ll end up with Jorginho. They won’t pay the 100m I expect it would take .
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    [Albion] Moises Caicedo - New contract signed until summer 2027 with 1 year extra option.

    Hope you’re right. It’s the first time I think this will be properly tested. I think we had to take less than we’d have liked for Trossard based on his behaviour but this is a different level. Trossard was nowhere near as important as Caicedo is.
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    [Albion] Moises Caicedo - New contract signed until summer 2027 with 1 year extra option.

    It really doesn’t become irrelevant. Would suggest it’s naïve to think otherwise. We simply aren’t going to put ourselves in a position - if our price isn’t reached - of having a player a disruptive and unhappy player sat on our books not playing and losing value. The only thing which is in...