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    [Albion] FA Cup quarter final v Grimsby Sun 19th March 2.15

    The draw for the semis is straight after our game, will they put it on the big screen after the match for either us or Grimsby to see who they play ?
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    [Football] Whitworth

    Whitworth is 6"3 Steel is 6"2
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    [Albion] Season ticket sharing question

    For the one time free single share, does the person u want to share with have to be Albion + member? Got two adult tickets, wife cannot go. So I wish to take a friend who is old Goldstone season ticket holder never been to Amex and does not have Albion +.
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    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    It's for their domestic audience, don't forget the Russian people do not get shown any of the bombing on civilian targets in Ukraine. This is so he can generate anger towards the Ukrainians and inturn gaining Putin more support. This helps Putin in two ways gains him more support and takes...
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    [Albion] Would you have Potter back?

    No, however if uncle Tony thought he was the right man in the future I would back it. But it seems unlikely!
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    [Football] Potter at Chelsea

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    [Football] Potter at Chelsea

    This is funny from the shed end!
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    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    Sorry wrong thread
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    [Albion] New Song for Mitoma

    Be interesting if we did sign Biss back while Mitoma was still at club, who would have the song?
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    [Albion] Not Under The Radar anymore

    Thank God no one can buy Uncle Tony!
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    [Football] Potter at Chelsea

    Any streams for Chelsea v pal. Thank u
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    [Albion] Arsenal fans in home stands

    Club do not help the situation, I have been in the wrong end before, but I showed respect ie no colours or celebrating etc. Why do the club let people wearing shirts / scarves of opposition in. Should make it clear on tickets / when buying ticket. No wearing of other team merchandise or no...
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    [Albion] Carabao Cup Fourth Round: Charlton - 3rd allocation of tickets

    Which pub is good to go to before for a bit of atmosphere?
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    [Albion] Need some noise again today

    I have been getting myself very angry about the resignation of Colin Calderwood as assistant manager !!! How dare he want to join villa over us!!!! Think I have some way to go, but hope to be livid by 2pm today!
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    [News] Rail Strikes Off!

    Train now leaving midnight on Wed for Lewes, yeah can get train now
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    [Football] Swansman will you support Chelsea if Sir Potter leaves The Albion.

    Just been looking at the shed end forum to see the comments about potter. There is a first post from a poster called SwedishEntity, who has been following Grahams career for 6 years! Lol Is that u swansman?